5 Out-of-the-Box Winter Party Ideas

Winter is just around the corner, and all across the country, event organisers are gearing up to hold their big winter themed party to celebrate the end of the year. This is a time which should be full of fun, magic and excitement… so why do so many events attendees and workers feel it’s become a bit of a drag? The answer to this question is an obvious one to anyone who has been to enough winter parties. Year after year, offices and businesses rely on the same tired old themes and winter party ideas… and it’s enough to put anybody off attending.

Considering this is supposed to be an event designed to give your staff, partners and business associates a big ‘thank you’ for their hard work, there’s simply no excuse not to make it special.

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That’s where we step in, and where we really shine. We believe that a winter themed party should be a real celebration of the season, and give events planners the chance to show off their creative skills and originality. As such, isn’t it a good idea to actually make your fill your winter party plans with fresh, unusual, out-of-the-box ideas?

We’ve put together five of our favourite winter party themes for you to consider for this year’s celebrations. With the right decorations, food, music and activities, you can rest assured that your end-of-year event can go off with the bang that you and your attendees deserve.

A Nightmare Before Christmas

What could be better than bringing together our two favourite days? This winter themed party luxuriates in the kookiness of Halloween, while also revelling in a bit of wintertime decadence, too.


Every winter themed party deserves a bit of dancing, so make sure you have a dancefloor space and a DJ or band capable of spinning some top tunes borrowed from both the Christmas and Halloween themes. Costumes should be suitably gothic, and involve plenty of monochrome and Tim Burton-inspired pinstripes, tattered lace and Venetian masques!


Of course, this particular winter party idea is all about the decoration. Heavy black velvets should cover pretty much every available surface, and you should ensure you’ve stocked up on ivory coloured candles, skeletal accessories and bizarre curios to provide that spooky antique vibe.


Have some fun with the food for this event. You could either go with a classic winter feast, or you could arrange for a gothic banquet complete with weird and wonderful decorated items. Check out these simple and effective suggestions.

The Medieval Jamboree

Take your attendees back to the middle ages with this wild and memorable winter party idea. Have a dress code based on knights and princesses, kings and courtiers, and enjoy an event fit for the history books!


If you can get hold of a medieval band, playing authentic instruments, then you’re onto a winner. As well as this, you can involve plenty of old fashioned parlour games to add to the historic vibe. Check out some great original ideas here, at the Jane Austen blog

medieval dinner as | winter party ideas


Turn your events space into a medieval banqueting hall for this winter party idea to truly take off. Design a company coat of arms, and have it put on the furnishings and drapery for a customised effect. Candles, a roaring fire and regal colours of deep red and purple are going to give a fantastical courtly vibe.


Big, bold and hearty should be the keywords for this winter party’s catering theme. Hog roasts and other roasted meats are sure-fire winners, as are recipes borrowed from historic cookbooks, such as bread trenchers in place of plates and steamed pudding filled with delights from far-off lands.

A Caribbean Christmas

If you’re looking for winter party ideas which stand out from the usual Christmas themes, then this is the one for you. Your attendees won’t believe their eyes when they step into a sunny, tropical paradise in the depth of winter!


Reggae music and a Jamaican dance hall vibe is an absolute must for this winter party theme, and there is plenty of scope for fun games, too: try setting up a coconut shy or hold cocktail mixing classes for your attendees. That’s sure to bring the sunshine in!


Palm trees and indoor beaches, complete with sun loungers and tiki stands are going to add to the sunny, tropical vibe of this event. Keep everything bright and colourful, and involve multi-coloured strings of lights and fun extras like limbo bars to keep everyone feeling the vibes!


Caribbean food is renowned and loved the world over for its vibrant flavours and blends of spices. Why not serve classics like curry goat, rice and peas, ackee and saltfish and a range of Jamaican patties, alongside rum cocktails and homemade soft drinks?

Arabian Nights

Why not transport your attendees to a world of decadence, myth and magic with this beguiling and bewitching theme? It has all the elegance you need for a successful winter party, with a unique twist that will be remembered for years to come.


This Arabian theme should involve plenty of exciting and exotic entertainment options for your guests. Why not include some belly dancing (and even some belly dancing lessons for the bolder among you!), or traditional Middle Eastern magic shows? Fire eaters, jugglers and circus performers will add to the sultan’s palace vibe, and they’re sure to delight and intrigue in equal measures. You’ll find plenty more exciting suggestions here.


Fill your events venue with skeins of silk, plenty of flowers and foliage, as well as elegant furnishings and plenty of sweet-smelling incenses. Candlelight and divans are a must, as well as a flying carpet or two…


Arabian food is all about sharing. Bring on huge platters of beautifully decorated sweet and savoury treats from North Africa and the Middle East, and finish everything off with real Turkish coffee and sweet, sticky plates of baklava.

Christmas Worldwide

Bring a touch of international savoir faire to your event with this unusual, inclusive and fascinating winter party theme. This is all about enlightening your attendees and showing them sides of Christmas and winter they might not have thought of before.


Hold a disco for your attendees, based around music selected from different countries. You can also include various games and activities which aren’t tied to the western concept of Christmas, such as an Indian henna workshop, an African batik making session, or a dance class in which your guests can learn different moves from around the world!


Split your events space into different zones, with each section representing a different country or culture. You could have a Nordic section, complete with ice sculptures and snow-scapes, an African zone, an Indian zone… or whatever you want, really. Keep it colourful, elegant and tasteful, and you can’t go far wrong!


This event idea really gives you plenty of scope when it comes to food and drink. Hold a multi-course banquet, with each dish being taken from a different culture. Perhaps Indian street food snacks to start with, followed by a hearty North African stew, some European roasted meats and fish dishes, and desserts made up of small, sweet and delicious morsels taken from every corner of the earth!

Take Your Attendees Away From The Ordinary

These unusual and unexpected winter party ideas are the perfect way to show your attendees your appreciation, and to prove that Christmas parties don’t have to be the same every single year! They’ll love the extra effort, and it will give them something to talk about well into the new year.

As ever, we’d love to hear about your experiences with unusual Christmas and winter parties. If you’ve enjoyed our suggestions, we want to hear about any winter parties you’ve encountered and that you felt were unforgettable in their own way. Let us know in the comments!