A day in the life of an Intern

Who would have thought that writing a blog about a day in the life of an intern at MASK would be so challenging? However, with such a varied role, it’s difficult to give you an overview of just one day. In fact, one of the things which makes this job so enjoyable is that no … Continued

People holding up glasses at a table

Unique Christmas Party Ideas for All Company Sizes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The icy chill of winter is in the air, the streets are thronged with increasingly desperate shoppers seeking something special for their loved ones, and the Christmas corporate party season is well underway. Christmas is supposed to be a time for having fun, bringing people together, and rewarding … Continued

staff briefing - event planning checklist

Ultimate Conference Event Planning Checklist

When it comes to events planning, organising a conference is one of the most challenging tasks you can face. As everyone who has ever planned a conference (or indeed attended one) can attest, conferences involve a plethora of different features, and everything has to work like clockwork on the day in order to avoid disappointment. … Continued

conference gifts

9 of the Hottest Conference Gift Ideas for 2018

There’s no single component to a successful conference. To provide a truly winning event, several individual factors are required, and each one needs to be optimised to ensure the best possible response. From your decor to your catering, and from your speakers to your venue, every aspect of your conference lends something to the way … Continued

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What Is Corporate Hospitality and How to Get It Right

When it comes to boosting your image, improving your marketing skills and making a fantastic impression on your clients, guests, partners, or anybody else you’re hosting, going out of your way to show off your corporate hospitality skills is never a bad thing. Everybody likes to feel as though they’re being treated with a welcoming … Continued

Ricky Gervais - event entertainment

7 Unique Event Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

There are plenty of ways to ensure that your event really goes off with a bang, but among our favourites is always the inclusion of some kind of event entertainment. Bringing in an entertainer, a show, or something to break up proceedings and provide some razzle dazzle is the perfect way to keep everyone engaged, … Continued

successful team-building activity

How to Create Pre-Event Excitement

So, you’ve set in your diary. You’ve organised your speakers, your catering, your entertainment and your venue. Your tickets have gone on sale, your hashtags are established, and your message is starting to be spread on social media… all that’s left to do is start garnering some real pre-event excitement, and get those re-tweets and … Continued

Summer cocktails to enjoy this Bank Holiday Weekend

  Whether it’s “sun’s out, guns out” or we’re just wishing it will be – make the most of the bank holiday weekend (we haven’t got another until August) with these delicious summer cocktails by Create.   Mojito Sometimes you can’t beat a classic juice of 1 lime 1 tsp granulated sugar small handful mint … Continued

successful team-building activity

Breaking the ice at a team building event? Not a problem anymore!

There aren’t many events which don’t benefit enormously from team building icebreakers. These exercises thaw that initial frostiness, and get strangers (and even people who know each other reasonably well) to let their guards down, open up to new experiences, and stop being self-conscious and withdrawn for the duration of the session. Some people are shy, … Continued