Great Gatsby Party

7 amazing themed dinner party ideas for the spring season

Corporate dinner parties are a great way to bring team members, partners, and prospective clients together for a night of fun, food and opportunities for ice-breaking and deal making. As spring is on the horizon, plenty of firms are on the lookout for fresh, exciting and out-of-the-box dinner party themes with which to impress, and … Continued

Cooking class at The Grove

Seven Easy-to-Implement Corporate Team Building Ideas

In today’s working environment, building morale is key to a company’s success. A happy team is one which enjoys greater job satisfaction – and unique, effective corporate team building activities never fail to result in higher levels of efficiency, greater productivity, and better communication between team members. Thankfully, the days of patronising activities (think sack … Continued

Cutting the red ribbon - product launch party

7 Launch Party Ideas for Your New Business

There’s no doubt about it: first impressions count for a lot in this world, and this is true in our personal lives as much as in the realm of business. Coming up with innovative, exciting and dynamic launch party ideas is arguably the very best way to make a lasting first impression on your target … Continued

food truck pop up event

What Are Pop Up Events And Why Are They Important?

In this industry, it’s vitally important to keep a finger on the pulse of whatever’s new, trendy and happening on the events scene… and it’s fair to say we’ve been more than impressed by the rapid growth of pop ​up events across the country in recent years. Once the domain of hipster start-ups and arty crowds, … Continued

5 Christmas Party Ideas Your Employees Will Love!

At this time of year, office managers and business owners across the country are scratching their heads, trying hard to think of Christmas party ideas for their team. It’s a big responsibility – after all, there are few better ways of showing your staff your appreciation for their hard work and ensuring that morale is … Continued

5 Out-of-the-Box Winter Party Ideas

Winter is just around the corner, and all across the country, event organisers are gearing up to hold their big winter themed party to celebrate the end of the year. This is a time which should be full of fun, magic and excitement… so why do so many events attendees and workers feel it’s become … Continued

5 Event Concept Design Ideas For Your Next Conference

When you’ve worked in the events industry for as long as we have, you start becoming accustomed to the kinds of mishaps and hiccups which often threaten to ruin an event. Even the most meticulously planned conference is susceptible to the dangers of the technical fault, not to mention issues that can arise from unexpected … Continued

Summer is pop up season

Pop up season is upon us, and we’re spoilt for choice. Whether it’s an old shop, railway arch, car park or trusty rooftop, pop ups make for an amazing event space, as well as endless summer fun. Shame they’re not permanent – so make the most of them! Here’s some new kids on the block … Continued

How to Create 'In Bloom', The Ideal Springtime Party Theme

In Bloom: The Ideal Springtime Party Theme

Spring is a great time to host a party. Take inspiration from nature at this time of year, and theme your springtime celebration with seasonal blooms.   ‘In Bloom’ is a fantastic way to style your spring party. The theme offers so many opportunities to personalise your event styling. Choosing a flexible theme like spring … Continued

midsummers night's dream party decor

How to Theme a Midsummer Night’s Dream Party

Take inspiration from Shakespeare’s unparalleled tale of love, betrayal and desire for a Midsummer Night’s Dream Party theme. Our bespoke event management team explain how to bring this classic comedy to life for summer celebrations.   Dark fantasies and nightmarish visions unfold with this bold summer party style. To create the perfect ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ … Continued