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Mask Does Pop-ups

Here at Mask, we love checking out new pop-ups, and being based in London, there are plenty to check out. Read on to find out more about the pop-ups we’ve visited recently. The O by Nars A couple of weeks ago we headed down to Old Truman Brewery not quite knowing what to expect. Nars … Continued

Mask Does Festivals

Festival season is upon us, and all of the team here at Mask love a good festival. Read on to find out which festivals we love, and what we love about them! Favourite festival you’ve been to and why? Or a festival you are dying to go to? I am dying to go to Coachella, … Continued

Unusual London Summer Party Venues

It’s never too early to start thinking about your summer party. In fact, a little bit of constructive daydreaming can be a great place to start when planning a party.In London, we are blessed with a huge range of venues for summer parties: everywhere from chic hotels to historic pubs. Both are great for the … Continued

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Unique Private Party Ideas in London

Who doesn’t love a great private party? They’re the perfect chance to make connections, catch up with friends both old and new, have fun with colleagues, and carry out some quality networking. With a handful of unique private party ideas under your belt, you can ensure that your event isn’t just successful, it’s also a … Continued

A day in the life of an Intern

Who would have thought that writing a blog about a day in the life of an intern at MASK would be so challenging? However, with such a varied role, it’s difficult to give you an overview of just one day. In fact, one of the things which makes this job so enjoyable is that no … Continued

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Unique Christmas Party Ideas for All Company Sizes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The icy chill of winter is in the air, the streets are thronged with increasingly desperate shoppers seeking something special for their loved ones, and the Christmas corporate party season is well underway. Christmas is supposed to be a time for having fun, bringing people together, and rewarding … Continued

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Ultimate Conference Event Planning Checklist

When it comes to events planning, organising a conference is one of the most challenging tasks you can face. As everyone who has ever planned a conference (or indeed attended one) can attest, conferences involve a plethora of different features, and everything has to work like clockwork on the day in order to avoid disappointment. … Continued

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9 of the Hottest Conference Gift Ideas for 2018

There’s no single component to a successful conference. To provide a truly winning event, several individual factors are required, and each one needs to be optimised to ensure the best possible response. From your decor to your catering, and from your speakers to your venue, every aspect of your conference lends something to the way … Continued

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What Is Corporate Hospitality and How to Get It Right

When it comes to boosting your image, improving your marketing skills and making a fantastic impression on your clients, guests, partners, or anybody else you’re hosting, going out of your way to show off your corporate hospitality skills is never a bad thing. Everybody likes to feel as though they’re being treated with a welcoming … Continued