Smith and Sinclair’s
Flavour Gallery

On the opening night Mask was invited to check out the latest installation from Smith and Sinclair who were working in partnership with Lanique Liqueur. We headed over to the untouched Hoxton Basement, where the blank canvas venue was transformed into an invasion of the senses.     On arrival we were given a gin … Continued

mince pies

All the Mince Pies:
Taste Test

So we may have been eating mince pies since October. Ridiculous, yes, but it does means we’ve had a lot of time to do the rounds and sample a lot of pies in London Bridge. We’ve gone mainstream, as well as local (we say local; we mean Borough Market which we can smugly say is … Continued

Mask Loves

It’s exactly two weeks until Christmas Day, and we’ve had so many mince pies, mulled wines and Christmas parties, we feel like we’re almost over it. Almost. We’ve got some exciting Christmas parties we’re running this week so we’ll be popping into Flight Club, OXO2, Lindley Hall and St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. Amongst all that, … Continued

The 2018 Forecast

If you’ve ever read our Mask Loves blog, you’ll see we’re always keeping our fingers on the pulse – we love to know what’s going on in London-town, whether it’s pop ups, festivals or restaurant openings. So with all this culture and knowledge at our finger tips, we thought we’d share the plans for 2018. … Continued

this week in London

Mask Loves

Ironically the closer we get to Christmas, the less Christmas activities we’ve found… Still, there’s lots to get involved in and to look forward to. This week in London…   Bauble Terrariums Grace and Thorn are master wreath makers, flower arrangers and all round plant lovers. They’re partnering up with supper club Social Pantry for … Continued

conference energisers

Give it some pep:
Conference Energisers

As a bespoke event agency we’re often asked how to make a conference a little more interesting and engaging. Obviously these things largely boil down to content, but even the most exciting of topics can become dull if you lock your delegates in to a day full of Powerpoint and no breaks. Yikes! We’ve listed … Continued

Who’s behind the
Christmas Windows?

We’re constantly being told that it’s all going digital – everyone shops online, stays inside / at their desk and has a phone clutched in their hands. That doesn’t quite stop us from trudging around Oxford Street with the masses looking at the lights and window displays though (we may not do any shopping, but … Continued

Millie’s Lounge
at The Ned

Sundays are all about recuperating from the night before, or having a massive roast dinner, or both. So when we heard that Millie’s Lounge at The Ned offers a Sunday Feast, we were all ears. The Ned opened in May this year, and the hype and excitement surrounding this Soho House refurb was immense. Not … Continued

Mask Loves

You can really tell there’s only a few days left of November – if you didn’t know Christmas was on the way, we’d want to know where you’d been hiding and if there was space for us too. Here are all the best Christmas activities taking place in London this week.   Oh Christmas Tree, … Continued

food truck pop up event

What Are Pop Up Events And Why Are They Important?

In this industry, it’s vitally important to keep a finger on the pulse of whatever’s new, trendy and happening on the events scene… and it’s fair to say we’ve been more than impressed by the rapid growth of pop ​up events across the country in recent years.Once the domain of hipster start-ups and arty crowds, … Continued