The spookiest of
Halloween venues

Go big or go home, that’s what the Americans say. So we’re going to do as the Americans do and suggest some Halloween venues for the perfect frightful night. We’re all for décor and theming, but there’s nothing quite like finding a venue that ticks all the boxes straight away. Here are the scariest (and … Continued

Mask Loves

So we’re nearing the end of September, half way through London Fashion Week, just starting London Design Festival and it’s less than 100 days until Christmas. Yikes!  We were out of the office for four days last week running events, squeezed in some site visits and got a very special invite to the Mercury Music … Continued

London Fashion Week: September 2017

Hot on the heels of New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week kicks off on Friday with over 120 events. NYFW was all about space-age silver, 70s corduroy, all-American rodeo styles, a whole lot of cat print, various shades of blue, circular bags and sock boots. Only time will tell what LFW has in store.   … Continued

Mask Loves

We’re busy with more events this week, but we’ve managed to squeeze in a little time to explore the latest and greatest offerings. Here’s what we think is fantastic this week in London, and beyond.   Across the pond All the rooms Refinery 29 created 29 Rooms over in Brooklyn for a four day immersive … Continued

Where you’ll find us during London Design Festival

There’s a lot going on at London Design Festival (394 events across nine design districts), to the point that we’ve got completely lost in the website several times, and every email we receive about the festival adds to our ever-growing list of things we must see. Oh and it overlaps with London Fashion Week as … Continued

London this September

Mask Loves

Hello September, you’re going to be a busy one! Autumn days are on the horizon, but not before a few more sunny weeks (fingers crossed). This week we’re bracing ourselves for the whirlwind of activity that will be happening in London this September, as well as making sure we don’t miss out on a few … Continued

Alternative Christmas Party Venues

Tired of the same old Pizza Express party, booked area in the Slug and Lettuce, or dancing in your office next to the printer? At Mask we don’t get our Christmas party until January, but that means we have even more time to dedicate to you to create the best Christmas party you’ll ever have. … Continued

Make Your
Conference Count

It goes without saying, if you’ve spent time and money putting on an event, you don’t want it to be a waste. This is even more crucial for conferences, as usually you’re trying to educate, inform or motivate your guests in one way or another. Content has got to be key, but so does your … Continued

Let’s talk about lunch

We are completely spoilt for choice around London Bridge (yes, that’s a little boast). Thank goodness for the mass of tourists continually trudging around Borough Market otherwise there would be a daily doughnut trip to Bread Ahead’s stall, and we’re grateful for the endless queues outside The Breakfast Club and Honest Burger, otherwise we’d be … Continued

Mask Loves

It’s back to the grind after an excellent bank holiday weekend where the sun graced us with its presence; the Mask team actually worked on Saturday and hosted an amazing private party. This week, albeit only four days, is going to be full on… because four day weeks always seem to last forever but are … Continued