With mindfulness and wellbeing now at the forefronts of many minds these workshops help to engage with each other and produce something to be enjoyed forever. From terrarium curation to cocktail masterclasses to life drawing classes there is something for everyone. We have handpicked some of our favourites below.

Virtual Terrarium Making Workshop

Hosted by our expert jardener, guests will be guided through each step from planting techniques, how to build each layer and how to look after the terrarium afterwards so that the plants can thrive and eventually take care of themselves! They will learn how each layer contributes to the overall wellbeing of this self-sustainable eco-system.

Under the right conditions, a perfectly balanced closed terrarium could last a lifetime, making them a much more eco-friendly alternative to cut flowers. (The longest known terrarium has lasted on its own for 53 years!)

At the end of the activity, guests can present their terrariums and, as an optional competitive element, we can judge a winner and send out a prize in the post.

Virtual Yoga Class

Virtual Yoga with Rachel. Rachel has been teaching Yoga for 15 years in a variety of styles including hot yoga, vinyasa, flow, yin, acro and restorative. Rachel has taken her Yoga classes online to be able to reach out to more people in their homes, rather than a studio.

Yoga Flow class are taught via a zoom link which lasts 75 minutes. This includes 10 minutes before and after the class to ask questions. Classes are suitable for all levels and experience and will include a physical yoga practice as well as a relaxation to finish. Guests are encouraged to have an open mind and be prepared to have some fun!

Virtual Cocktail Masterclass

We have designed an online cocktail masterclass to combat the stresses and strains of isolation. Your team will have a fantastic experience racing each other by shaking, muddling, layering and creating their own perfect cocktail. We will send out everything needed for each delegate to create their own cocktails whilst being instructed by one of our bartenders online, in real time.

Guests will receive everything needed for shaking, layering and creating their own tailored non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails. Instructed by an online Bartender, in real-time, guests are sure to have a fantastic experience.

Each programme lasts around an hour and every guest will be provided with a recipe sheet to keep them making cocktails for years to come! In between making drinks, we will run a cocktail trivia quiz and if required we can send out a prize for the highest score.

Virtual Life Drawing Class

Guests will receive kits in advance of the virtual workshop via post containing drawing sets, pencils, charcoals and paper pads. The workshop is lead by an expert tutor and is suitable for all levels of experience.

Beginning with a lesson, our art instructor will give technical advice and demonstrations in key areas such as proportion, perspective, anatomy, line, gesture, shading and tone to help guests achieve their very own work of art.

Each person will have the freedom to create their own artwork, with guidance from our art tutor, so that the group can enjoy the shared experience of learning and expressing a new skill together.

Guests then practice and perfect their techniques in preparation for their final drawings of our professional life model.

At the end of the activity, guests can then chose to show their works of art and, as an optional competitive element, we can judge a winner and send out a prize in the post.

We have only shown you a handful of the workshops we have available, so if you don’t see what you are looking for please get in touch with the team