Whilst we continue to adjust to the ‘new normal’ working environment, keeping connected to your team is more important than ever. Virtual team building activities has been around for some time but now it’s bringing teams together with greater reason!

The team here at MASK want to share some of our top favourite Team Building ideas whilst in quarantine! We have drawn up a list in conjunction with our in-house Entertainment team at FullCircle who have some fantastic team building specialists in their midst!

All of these activities are guaranteed to create plenty of laughs amongst your colleagues and will create a huge sense of unity despite not being together! Here’s our top virtual team building activities…

The Team Challenge – A Virtual Pub Quiz

The perfect solution to liven up those virtual Friday night socials! We’re sure by now you’ve all given a quiz a go yourself, but nothing beats having a professionally hosted quiz live in your living room (bedroom, kitchen or conservatory)! The Team Challenge is hosted on an app where participants get stuck into completing challenges and activities, all from the safety of their own home – this really is the perfect team building quiz!

Operation Isolation – Spy Based Challenges

Your mission should you choose to accept it… will consist of three spy-based activities!

Code Breakers Challenge – decipher a series of cryptic clues to disconnect an electronic ‘bomb’!
Agents in Disguise – using your imagination, go ‘undercover’ and create the best covert costumes from what you find in your vicinity.
Safe Cracking – using the clues provided you must work out the correct combination to crack into the safe.

This is activity lasts up to an hour, therefore great for a quick morning energiser. The person to send correct answers in the fastest time will be crowned the Spy Master! The clock is ticking…. great for virtual team building while in quarantine.

Bake That – A Virtual Twist on a British Classic

This is the ideal team building activity whilst working from home! You’ve seen the show, now it’s your turn! Bake That gives your employees the opportunity to get their aprons on and their oven gloves ready. All guests will receive the recipes prior to the event to get prepped, ready to virtually join our top chef to learn how to make the perfect brownie and macaroons. Will they be worthy of the Hollywood Handshake?!

Company Music Video – Get ready to create the next S Club 7 or Blazin’ Squad

Here at MASK, we understand the importance of having a bit of silly fun during these times and creating a company music video does just that! This is the peak of online team building in the most literal sense. Participants will be challenged to perform sections of a famous songs and send them in. Our editing wizards will then combine all of the clips together to make some amazing music videos!

FullCircle have a host of other fabulous ideas, click here to see more on what they can offer! Get in touch with the wonderful MASK team today to discuss all your team building requirements on 020 3848 7560 or email