Unique Private Party Ideas in London

Who doesn’t love a great private party? They’re the perfect chance to make connections, catch up with friends both old and new, have fun with colleagues, and carry out some quality networking. With a handful of unique private party ideas under your belt, you can ensure that your event isn’t just successful, it’s also a memorable social affair  which absolutely makes the impact it deserves.

Here at Mask, we’re always on the lookout for private party venues and unique private party ideas which make events stand out from the crowd. Over the years, we’ve seen some incredibly innovative concepts come to the fore, and we’ve witnessed first-hand how London has become a city internationally renowned for the quality of its private parties. It goes without saying that we absolutely love getting involved in these kinds of events, as they offer so much scope for creativity, and so many possibilities for a truly fantastic night out.

The main thing we’ve learned from years in the private party business? If you want your event to stick in the minds of your attendees and guests, you’ve got to look outside the box for your ideas, and not be afraid to go all-out when it comes to hosting a party which really makes a bold impression. The best party ideas are always the most unique ones, and with a top quality private party venue and a head full of imaginative approaches, you simply can’t go wrong.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular and most unique private party ideas flying around the capital in 2019, and start thinking creatively about how you can bring some of these concepts to your next event. Enjoy!

Choose a Themed Venue

Your private party can easily be taken to the next level by booking one of London’s many cool and unique themed venues. A quality themed venue takes a load of pressure off you as an organiser, as so much of the hard work has already been done by the venue itself in terms of decor, distinctive features, and a sense of immersive fun. We’re very lucky here in the capital to have a fantastic array of quirky and fun themed venues to pick from, each of which guarantees a good time and plenty of memorable moments. Here are some of our all-time favourite themed private party venues, all capable of making a powerful impact as soon as you step through the door:


Imagine walking down some steps, into an underground world where time has stood still since the days of the Blitz… well, that’s exactly what you get at Cahoots, one of London’s most distinctive and original private party venues. Packed full of 40’s charm, and home to some of the greatest gin cocktails in the capital, it’s a brilliant and intimate venue, perfect for your next gathering.

The Underglobe

Situated beneath the iconic Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on the South Bank, the Underglobe is a magical subterranean world, which looks like it was plucked from the set of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. With its mystical forest theme, and incredible party space, it’s a themed venue in London quite unlike any other.

Mr Fogg’s Tavern

The range of venues launched by Mr Fogg’s – London’s steampunk bar chain inspired by Jules Verne, Victorian England, and Alice’s Wonderland – have had phenomenal success over the past few years. It isn’t difficult to see why; these themed bars and pubs really pack in so much charm, so many curious features, and so much to gaze in wonder at, it’s simply impossible to resist their vintage elegance and beauty. Mr. Fogg’s Tavern is probably the best of the bunch, as this is so much more than just a novelty venue: it’s a fantastic pub in its own right, boasting a range of amazing drinks and dishes to try.

Transform a Venue Around Your Own Theme

Many of the best private party venues in London allow events organisers to go wild with their thematic ideas, and completely transform a space as they see fit. One of our favourite ways of doing this is to take a ‘blank canvas’ venue, dream up a part of the world we wish to transform it into, and then go all-out with decorations, thematic flourishes, food and drink, and entertainment ideas. 

For example, you could hire a stunning venue such as Saddler’s Hall Courtyard (which is the very essence of English sophistication), and reimagine it as a terrace on the French Riviera, bursting with Mediterranean glamour and vintage charm. The only limits to this kind of private party idea are the limits of your imagination and creativity… so start dreaming, and see how far your inspiration can take you!

Use Your Own Home

If you’re looking to host a more intimate private party, which is based around people getting to know each other, engaging in conversation, or simply relaxing and having a great time, you could consider using your own home as a unique private party venue. In many ways, this ticks a whole lot of boxes which other ideas might miss; you know your home better than you know any other venue, and as such, you can really let your creativity run riot when it comes to reimagining the potential of your own space.

Furthermore, events which take place in your own home have the potential to keep costs relatively low, and also allow you to make a private party into a dinner soiree. You’ll end up with a bigger budget to splash on food and entertainment, and you’ll also be able to enjoy the freedom of having complete control over your decorations, theme, and overall vibe. You’ll be able to impress your guests and attendees with your hosting prowess, and could consider cooking up a classic dinner party menu – there’s nothing quite so good as home cooked food, after all! Follow all of this with a hired DJ, ready to turn your living room into a dance floor, some disco lights, and some well-chosen bottles of wine or alcohol-free alternatives. Alternatively consider putting on some surprise entertainment, arranging a bespoke bar or signature cocktail, or even get stuck into a dessert art creation activity… it really doesn’t get much better than that!

Throw a Pool Party

Whether it’s an al fresco affair in the height of summer, or a party at one of London’s many covered and indoor pools, a pool party is guaranteed to get everyone involved as excited as can be. There’s something about pool parties which suggests wild revelry, retro sophistication, and a sense that really anything could happen… they’ve got a Beverly Hills rockstar vibe about them which is genuinely difficult to beat!

What’s more, when it comes to private party ideas, pool parties are great for encouraging engagement and openness among your attendees. After all, nobody can be too serious when they’re stripped down to their bathing suits and splashing about in the water, and everyone enjoys the glamour of sipping cocktails while leisurely floating about!

Here at Mask, we’ve hosted some highly successful private pool parties in London over the years. Our favourites have always been those which up the ante on the holiday/travel theme, and which also feature street food stalls serving global cuisine – the perfect way to really maximise those vacation vibes!

The Natural History Museum

Who didn’t love stepping into the magnificent halls of this world-standard museum as a kid? Making use of this incredible museum’s spaces for hire is sure to leave your guests open-mouthed, and there’s no chance of anyone getting bored or feeling unengaged when exploring this truly spectacular venue, where you can party beneath the main hall’s giant whale skeleton!

Old Billingsgate Vaults

Looking to host a unique private party in one of London’s most exciting subterranean venues? The Old Billingsgate Vaults is nothing short of being the ultimate urban playground, resplendent in its vaulted brickwork, incredible AV facilities, and brilliantly unforgettable atmosphere.

Unique Private Party Ideas for the Ultimate Impact

As we’ve seen, there’s really nothing quite like a unique and distinctive private party to ensure your guests have the time of their lives! With a bit of creativity and ingenuity, it’s not so difficult to step outside of the norm and throw the kind of party that will simply never be forgotten.

At Mask, we love nothing more than dreaming up unique party ideas and concepts for our clients and customers, and we get a massive kick out of exploring the unusual, the distinctive, and the original. Our dedication for excellence in events has made us a top-notch provider in the industry, and we’ve got the skills and experience you need to make your next party or event a barnstorming success. Want to find out more? Reach out and get in touch today, and we’ll be more than happy to show you what other tricks we’ve got up our sleeves!