Unique Christmas Party Ideas to Dazzle Your Guests With in 2018

Well, it’s that time of year again: the cold weather is blowing, the decorations are being put up in shop windows up and down the country, and people are considering when would be an appropriate time to start stringing fairy lights across their house, and blowing the dust off the box of baubles in the attic. It’s also the time of year when we start turning our minds to our Christmas parties, and thinking of ways to bring unique Christmas party ideas to our events.

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While you don’t have to completely rewrite the rulebook for your Christmas do, bringing some unique Christmas party ideas to your function is definitely the kind of thing that keeps everything fresh, and gives your guests something to talk and tweet about the following day. After all, we’re probably all a little bit tired of turkey sandwiches and santa hats by mid-December, and taking an original, quirky, or unexpected approach is never a bad idea in our book.

Here at Mask, we’re always passionate about seeking out the newest, the coolest, and the most innovative add-ons for all of our events. Christmas parties really are no exception; if you can introduce something unusual or fun to even the humblest office get-together, you can really elevate the event into something special that’ll stay in people’s minds all through the festive season.

We’ve put together some of our favourite current ideas and trends for injecting some extra fun into your Christmas party - check them out, and see which ones would work best for bringing some added sparkle to your event!

Vintage Drinks Tricycles

What is it about Christmas that gets us all so teary-eyed and nostalgic? No other public holiday has quite such an emphasis on the vintage, the retro, and the Victorian, and it’s really quite fascinating that the late 18th-century roots of most Christmas traditions remain fully intact over 150 years later.

As such, any retro stylings you can bring into your Christmas party are always highly appreciated. Right now, there’s a big trend for drinks tricycles and barrow-boy market stalls - they look fantastic parked next to your usual events bar, and bring a real sense of classic charm to proceedings. Here are some of our favourite drinks tricycles concepts for this year:

Gin Tricycles

Make no mistake, gin is in right now, and it’s not going anywhere fast. With its range of botanical ingredients and heady aromas, gin really does have a festive feel about it, making it the perfect spirit for your drinks tricycle this year. Don’t forget to stock a range of classics and contemporary twists, from straight-up London gin to something infused with festive flavours, and remember to pair each one with an appropriate quality tonic, and some celebratory garnishes!

Mulled Wine

Is there any drink more christmassy than mulled wine? Warming, spicy, packed full of winter charm… it’s the perfect boozy treat for when the temperature has plummeted and we’re all looking for something to light a fire within our bellies! The great thing about a mulled wine tricycle isn’t just that the drink absolutely matches the Victorian theme (you can’t drink mulled wine without feeling like you’re in a Dickens’ novel, after all), it’s also that your guests can follow their noses to find where it’s being served!

Hot Chocolate

Nothing beats the warming, comforting taste of hot chocolate at Christmastime. You don’t need to just stick to the standard version of this classic drink, however. Why not boost your hot chocolate servings with some festive surprises, and offer chilli-spiked cocoa, or hot chocolate with a shot of whisky or Sherry inside? We’re sure your guests would be more than happy to try something new and delicious!

hot chocolate tricycle - christmas party ideas

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Vintage Food Tricycles

Of course, Christmas parties aren’t just about the drinks (although it is sometimes hard to tell this by the time the disco starts…), and it’s also important to ensure that you’re offering plenty of tasty nibbles and sweet treats to keep your guests well-fed and satisfied through the evening. Sticking with the tricycles theme - as you can tell, we’re really into these retro add-ons this year - here are some great ideas for foodie barrows for your next event.

Crepes Tricycle

Whisk your revellers away to the snowy streets of Paris at Christmas time with a bespoke crepes tricycle. These delicious treats really are fantastic party food - so easy to customise with a range of signature toppings, and great fun to eat while mingling with colleagues and friends.

Raclette Tricycle

What could be more festive that a plate of delicious bubbling raclette at a Christmas party? This dish is the true taste of the Alps, and if you’ve ever been on a skiing holiday in France or Switzerland, you’ll know exactly how satisfying it is to chow down on this gooey, unctuous food. Setting up a vintage tricycle or alpine hut serving raclette is bound to bring some wintry charm to your Christmas party, and it’s a unique Christmas party idea we can’t get enough of!

raclette tricycle - christmas party ideas

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Ice Cream Tricycle

Why not go against the grain, and bring something a bit more summery and exotic to your Christmas party with an ice cream tricycle? Pack in all the classic flavours, alongside some unique and unusual or festive ones, and you’re sure to have a counter-intuitive hit on your hands that works well with the retro theme. After all, who doesn’t love an ice cream cone at any time of year?


Christmas is all about those unexpected moments of magic and ingenuity; those special surprises that take you back to your childhood joy that Santa is on his way. Right now on the gastronomy and catering scenes, there is a whole bunch of trends that nail this sense of wonder perfectly. Here are some of our favourites:

Edible Bubbles

Everyone loves bubbles. However, imagine bringing an ‘edible bubble volcano’ into your Christmas party, and watching your colleagues or attendees leap about with joy when they realise that these bubbles taste fantastic, or contain a little pop of grown-up boozy fun? This has to be one of the coolest, most dynamic, and enjoyable trends out there right now!

Edible Mist Orbs

Equally impressive are these edible mist orbs, which are released to be sucked up through a straw, for an eye-opening burst of zero calorie flavour. Bizarre yet brilliant, this is a surefire way to bring some real theatricality to the table!

Tipsy Fountains

Chocolate fountains are so last decade. The future is all about fountains which pour with your favourite alcoholic cocktails, allowing your guests to dip their glasses into the flowing, colourful liquid, and getting a delicious and altogether more grown-up surprise! Booze on tap - what’s not to love?

Bring On The Entertainment

Every Christmas party needs some sort of entertainment - after all that food and drink, your guests are surely going to want to sit down and be amazed by a show, or get a chance to have their photos taken with the other attendees to take away with them! Here are some top unique Christmas party ideas to consider this year:

magic show - christmas party ideas

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Magic Show

Again, this idea really goes back to that sense of childlike wonder which Christmas really is all about. There are loads of fantastic magicians and magic shows for hire at the Christmas period, and investing in a jaw-dropping classic magic show, or someone who’ll go from table to table doing some close-up conjuring is a brilliant way to inject some Vegas-style glamour to your evening.

Christmas Photo Scene

You want your Christmas event to spread like wildfire on social media, so make sure you’re providing guests with the perfect place to have their photos taken. Set up a corner of your events space to resemble a classic Christmas scene - think plenty of fake snow, some reindeer, a sleigh, a mountain of presents… all the stuff we associate with the festive season.

Christmas Lookalikes

Why not consider hiring some lookalikes to wander around your event, doing meet-and-greets, and posing for photos? You could stick with the tried and tested formula of inviting Father Christmas and his elves… but why not break from tradition, and choose some actors from classic Christmas movies, or lookalikes who fit with the overall theme of your event? It’s a great way to boost engagement, and ensure there are bags of Insta-worthy moments throughout your event.

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Original Ideas for a Unique Christmas Party

Thinking outside the box is never a bad idea when it comes to your Christmas party, not least because so many of these festive events - which are supposed to be the highlight of the year - so often end up being a bit formulaic. Use your imagination, check out some of the innovative trends mentioned above, and go all-out on throwing a Christmas party to remember!

At Mask, we’re really excited about seeing what this Christmas time brings as regards inventive and fun party and event ideas. As industry leaders in everything connected with events, we certainly know how to throw a great Christmas do… and if you’re looking for help, ideas, or advice on events in general, we’d love to hear from you. Merry Christmas, everybody!