Unique Christmas Party Ideas for All Company Sizes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The icy chill of winter is in the air, the streets are thronged with increasingly desperate shoppers seeking something special for their loved ones, and the Christmas corporate party season is well underway.

Christmas is supposed to be a time for having fun, bringing people together, and rewarding your staff members for their hard work throughout the year. However, as most of you are sure to agree, all too many Christmas work parties tend to lack that special something - that sense of spectacle, of the unusual, and of the magic of the festive period. Here at Mask, we’ve trudged along to more than our fair share of underwhelming Christmas do’s… and we’re here to say: no more! No longer will we put up with uninspiring platters of sun-standard sandwiches. No longer will we make do with a bog-standard disco, followed by hours of sitting around and sipping at warm cans of beer. No longer will we tolerate unimaginative Christmas party ideas which simply don’t cut the mustard. It’s time to do away with the old, and bring in some top Christmas party trends which make your company festive celebrations a truly unmissable event!

It really isn’t that hard to make your Christmas party one which goes off with a bang, and which brings in top trends sure to astonish and amaze. There are plenty of fantastic Christmas party ideas out there which work perfectly for celebrations of all types and sizes, no matter whether you’re an intimate team of ten hard workers, or a corporate mass of hundreds. We’ve put together a handful of trending Christmas party concepts and ideas which are sure to go down a storm, and which will definitely leave everyone feeling positive about the year that’s passed, and the one which lies ahead.

Read on, and get inspired by our work do ideas for an office Christmas party that really gets everyone in a festive mood!

Going the Extra Mile With Christmas Party
Drinks Ideas

There’s no getting away from the fact that enjoying a nice drink is pretty much an essential part of any Christmas party experience. Providing your attendees with something a little out of the ordinary when it comes to drinks is a surefire way to ensure everyone’s having a great time, and it’s the perfect method for getting your party started on the right foot. Just make sure you have some non-alcoholic options available too, and some classic favourites tucked away in case of emergencies!

Have a Signature Cocktail

Few things scream sophistication quite like having a signature cocktail for your Christmas party. You can rely on some tried and tested classic Christmas cocktail recipes, or you can get creative with a professional, and come up with something which reflects your company’s colours or unique vibe. Make sure it’s well presented and comes with an attractive garnish, and it’s likely to become a hit on social media.

Hire a Gin Mixologist

There’s no doubt about the fact that gin has been the runaway success story of the spirits world over the past couple of years. What’s more, there’s something wonderfully Christmassy about gin - it puts us in mind of Victorian England, and of Dickens characters sipping at a warming glass of mother’s ruin - and it’s the perfect spirit to bring in the season and to get creative with.

Hire a professional gin mixologist for your Christmas party (the more eccentric and theatrical the better), and get them to create a range of vintage and modern gin-based creations for your revellers. It never fails to add a touch of the bespoke to proceedings, and it’s sure to be a hit with your party-goers!

Get Freaky with a Freakshake Station

If you haven’t yet discovered the weird and wonderful world of freakshakes - essentially, custom-made milkshakes and smoothies, topped with an incredible array of sweet and sugary extras. They’re the perfect item for a ‘do it yourself’ station, and are highly photogenic: get your attendees to construct their own favourite freakshakes with the help of a dedicated caterer, and watch those Willy Wonka-esque sweet treats go viral on Instagram!

Bottle of gin with cocktail equipment on a table

Food ideas for a
Winter wonderland

We all know what Christmas food is: chestnuts roasting on an open fire, a plump turkey or goose, roasted to a golden bronze and surrounded by all the trimmings. However - and we’re putting our necks on the line here - we’d argue that when it comes to work Christmas parties, it’s probably best to avoid the traditional foods that come with this time of year. 

After all, it’s likely your guests are going to be eating this stuff at various parties and events over the whole festive period. Isn’t it better, then, to provide your attendees with something a little different? Here are three Christmas party food ideas, perfect for corporate parties of any size, which take the winter theme and run with it in a new and exciting direction!

Scandi Open Sandwich Bar

Scandinavian food (in fact, Scandinavian anything) has been a major trend this year, and it seems fitting to bring some of the cuisine of the frozen north to your Christmas party; not least because Scandinavian food is all about fresh, clean, and delicious flavours coming together in elegant and attractive ways.

The team at Mask have seen some brilliant examples of smørrebrød (open sandwiches) bars at events recently, and they’re a delicious way of evoking the sub-arctic cool of Sweden and Finland at your Christmas party. Provide an array of delicious ingredients for topping slices of hearty rye bread, for a filling and attractive yet healthy alternative to a heavy roast dinner. Need some inspiration? Take a look at these beautiful smørrebrød ideas here.

Alpine Dreams

Aside from Scandinavia, it’s the retro glamour of the Alps and of skiing resorts in France, Switzerland, and Austria which spring to mind when we think of snowy landscapes and warming food. Alpine party themes are always popular at this time of year, and we can take plenty of inspiration from this part of the world regarding food. Raclette, fondue, grilled sausages, creme brulee… all delicious, wintry delicacies, perfect for getting people in a party mood!

Decorative Desserts

Get your attendees to show off their creative talents with a cupcake or biscuit decorating station. They’ll not only be able to create something beautiful and worthy of Mary Berry’s larder, they’ll also have something sweet to snack on before hitting the dancefloor. Perfect!

bird's eye view of some cupcakes

Activities for Groups

Your work Christmas party needs to have plenty of collaborative and group activities, in order to ensure everyone’s getting involved and having a great time. There are countless ideas for making sure your party is rocking from start to finish, and these are some of our favourites.

Funny Awards Ceremony

Christmas parties are all about showing appreciation for the hard work that has been completed, and for the goals achieved throughout the year. Why not put a fun twist on the classics award ceremony by handing out ‘funny’ prizes - best Christmas jumper, best quote of the year, best anecdote in the office, etc etc. Up the festive ante by having Father Christmas handing out the prizes, and make sure it’s nicely inclusive of everybody in attendance if possible. 

End of Year Quiz

Take inspiration from the classic Christmas TV Big Fat Quiz of the Year and host your own version of this trivia-tastic activity! Get your attendees into groups (don’t forget to award a prize for best team name!) and arrange a series of rounds based on the key events and pop culture happenings of the year. You could even bring in interactive rounds such as dance-offs, karaoke contests, and more besides. Keep it wacky, keep it lighthearted, and make sure everyone’s enjoying every minute!

Ongoing Contests

A great way to ensure engagement is high throughout your Christmas party is to hold mini contests and competitions throughout the evening. Social media is a fantastic tool for this, and you can run hashtag contests, caption competitions with Instagram, or even Twitter poetry competitions, video contests, or a poll on the best photo uploaded with your party hashtag of the night. Remember to get some funny prizes for each one, and encourage everyone to get involved as the night progresses. 

quiz spelled out

Enter the Entertainers!

Everyone loves a good show at Christmas, and bringing in entertainment options to your Christmas party is a fantastic way to ensure everyone’s having a great time, and there are no lulls in the energy of the evening. Check out our top suggestions for your next Christmas party idea below.

Close Up Magic

Bring a touch of Vegas glamour to your Christmas party with a close-up magician. These talented individuals can go from table to table, performing mind-boggling tricks and illusions on a more intimate scale than the usual magic show. 

A Live Disco Band

Every Christmas party needs a disco - it’s the reason why most of your attendees will have turned up, and having a dance with your colleagues (and laughing at your boss’s moves) is a prerequisite of any end-of-year celebrations. Instead of the usual disco set-up, why not hire a live band who specialise in requests and covers of everyone’s favourite party classics? The energy of a professional live band always beats playing records hands down, and the kind of audience interaction such acts bring to the table is always a joy to experience. 

Christmas Workshops

It’s always lovely to have the chance to learn or experience something new during a Christmas party, and workshops and craft sessions are a great way of adding this kind of dimension to the festive fun. You could set up a bauble-decorating table, for example, or have an area where your guests can create decorations or sweet treats for their Christmas tree at home, or to give as gifts on Christmas morning. One great idea we’ve seen recently (which is sure to be a massive hit at any party) is teaching people how to blend whisky or add botanical flavours to their gin - it’s a new twist on the classic cocktail class which brings a sophisticated connoisseurship to any Christmas party. 

scissors and pine on a able

Christmas party ideas
that never fail to
get you festive

With such creative and on-trend Christmas party ideas, you never need to host or attend another dull works do again! All it takes is a little imagination, a bit of Christmas spirit, and a willingness to really reward and treat your attendees, and there’s no reason why your office party needn’t go off with an unforgettable bang. 

At Mask, we love dreaming up exciting new ideas for parties and events of all types, and Christmas is definitely our favourite time of year for really raising the roof when it comes to event creativity. If you’re interested in checking out what we do best, and want to find out more about why we’re a top-notch events provider, get in touch today!