The 4 Best Spring Dinner Party Themes in 2019

Get ready to celebrate, people – winter is almost over! We’ve almost made it through the coldest, darkest, most depressing days of the year, and Spring is fast approaching on the horizon. Soon, the flowers will be blooming, the days will be getting longer and balmier, and we’ll all be in the mood to head out into the city, and start seeking the kinds of parties that bring us well and truly out of hibernation. Here at Mask, we’re head over heels in love with the Spring party themes we’re excitedly watching being planned right now, and we have no doubt that there’s going to be no end of fun to be had from March through to May!

The best Spring party theme ideas are always those which go all-out with the joy and jubilation of this wonderful season. We’re talking riots of colour, impressive floral displays, plenty of dancing, and bright, zesty cocktails – all the things that make putting up with winter worthwhile! The team at Mask are always on the lookout for fun party themes all year round, but we get especially energetic and creative when it comes to Spring party themes. Why? Well, primarily because Springtime is all about doing away with the old and welcoming in the new, which means coming up with those original and innovative ideas that get the party and events scene really swinging!

For this week’s blog, we’ve scoured the events scene in London and elsewhere across the world’s major party capitals, and we’ve come up with what we think are the best Spring party ideas doing the rounds in 2019. From vibrant new colourful themes to new twists on old favourites, we reckon we’ve picked out five Spring party theme ideas that you and your attendees are sure to love. It’s finally time to wave goodbye to winter, and leap into Spring… so let’s make sure we all do it in style! Check out our five favourite Spring party theme ideas below, and be sure to incorporate some of them into your next seasonal event.

Living Coral Party

Each year, the preeminent colour company Pantone declares a particular hue as the ‘colour of the year’. Last year, it was all about the dark and mysterious Ultra Violet. However, this Spring sees Living Coral crowned as the colour we should all be getting excited about. While there’s been plenty of talk over recent months regarding ‘Millennial Pink’, Living Coral is a far more vibrant and joyful shade; a pinkish-orange, with undertones of warm gold – absolutely perfect for providing the theme for your upcoming Spring parties and events.

To host a Living Coral party in honour of this trendiest of Spring tones, all you really need to do is deck your venue out with as many accessories and furnishings which make good use of this beautiful colour. Try adding complementary and contrasting colours too – sky blue works particularly well and also fits a fresh Spring theme, as does the achingly trendy rose gold. You can even dial up the colour coordination with a signature cocktail at your Spring party. Town and Country Magazine has some brilliant pink and red cocktails you could easily bring to your bar menu, which are sure to be enjoyed under the sunshine!

Pantone Living Coral


Floral Party

What do you think of when you think of Spring? It’s likely one of the first thing that springs (no pun intended) to mind is flowers… and lots of them! Turning your Spring party venue into a floral extravaganza is a brilliant way to showcase your commitment to your Spring party theme ideas, and honestly, no artificial decorations ever come close to the wild and elegant beauty that real flowers provide.

You can take the floral theme as far as you like when it comes to putting together this type of Spring party. Obviously, floral displays are a must – the more fantastical, the better. However, you can also look into floral cocktail recipes, wines which have a particularly floral bouquet (such as the Springtime classic white wine, Viognier), and cake recipes which use real flowers such as lavender or rose. Genteel, sophisticated, and utterly joyful, a combination of these things alongside the unbeatable perfume of freshly arranged blooms is truly hard to beat, and would put a spring in the step of even the most cynical of guests.

Top Venues for a Floral Party:

  • Pergola on the Roof

  • Syon Park Orangery

  • Petersham Nurseries

Cocktails with fowers

Rustic Chic

When this time of year comes around, we find ourselves occasionally craving for nothing more than to escape the city, and to get out into the beauty of nature. We’re actually pretty lucky in London to be in one of the greenest capital cities in Europe, with a wide range of incredible parks to explore when in need of some trees, flowers, and dappled sunlight. This craving for the rustic and earthy is something you can absolutely use when it comes to your Spring party ideas, and it’s a theme which always leads to truly elegant and exciting results.

You can add plenty of organic touches, and experiment with a range of colours, textures, and styles. If you’re looking to go for the classic rustic chic look, then distressed wood is all the rage, as is faded white paint and rough-hewn wood. Make sure your food and drink options reflect the decor; you want top-quality home baking on the table, French farmhouse classics like coq au vin followed by tarte tatin, and lavish antipasti and cheese boards. Pair it all with some rustic red wines from Burgundy or Tuscany, plenty of gin and tonic, and you’re onto a real winner!

Top Venues for a Rustic Chic Party:

  • Shoreditch Treehouse

  • Carousel

  • Behind the Bike Shed

Shoreditch Treehouse