Team BuildinG in London

Mask organises team building events to your specification, in your chosen location and to your unique requirements

We offer a personal, bespoke approach to team-building events, which enables us to work closely with our clients to deliver a team-building day that fits their needs perfectly.

Team building in London is the ideal tool to motivate, inspire and engage your team. Challenges can help colleagues to get to know one another better, improve their networking skills and put the focus on the value of communication.


We work closely with our partner company Eventwise on team-building events in London. Eventwise has been at the forefront of corporate events since 1986. Recent years have seen the company work with corporate clients in almost all industry sectors, designing and delivering unique and memorable events throughout the UK.

With a focus on participative events, Eventwise prides itself on its ability to improve businesses performance by creating event programmes to motivate and inspire staff, stakeholders and customers.


Eventwise’s range of team-building challenges include physical activities such as the Knockout Tournament, an outdoor inflatable obstacle course, guaranteed to get the whole group going. Themed knockout tournaments are available, and the day can be adapted to your exact specifications.

rope challenge


There are also challenges which will be relished by creative guests, such as Artworks, where teams work together to produce a huge piece of art, and foodie tasks like the Ice Cream Challenge, which sees teams work together to create their own ice cream, and prepare to bring it to market with a full marketing plan and branding ideas, before presenting it to the group.


Other challenges include treasure hunts, which can be produced on-foot, or can use vehicles. The London Taxi Treasure Hunt sees teams explore the streets of the capital via black cab, with their driver giving them some helpful hints along the way.

The hunt is individually scripted for your event, and focuses on five essential elements: creativity, planning, choice, time management and above all, a sense of humour.

team building task


Other physical activities include Sports Day, where guests will be allocated to a class, before competing head to head in fun and interactive challenges. Challenges range from traditional relay races to the popular three-legged-cocktail race; teams will be tied together and tasked with producing a cocktail before racing to the finish line, no spillages permitted.

Mental Team Building Challenges Mental challenges include the Box of Tricks, where teams are given a box of seemingly random objects with a list of puzzles and questions they’ll need to use the objects to solve.

If you’re looking to demonstrate the importance of communication and teamwork to your organisation, High Roller is a great option. A truly networked team is one that works together towards a common purpose, with members interacting at different levels and sharing knowledge, resource and skills.

High Roller has been built around these principals and provides a fun environment in which to demonstrate the benefits and process to your employees. Each team is instructed to build 1/6th of the Roller Coaster and must work with five other teams to complete the challenge. Teams must learn to manage their resources and network with other teams to become successful.

board game challenge


If you’d like to find out more about any of the team building events listed here, or would like to see the full range of team building challenges available from Eventwise visit