The 5 Best Social Media Competition Ideas for Your Next Bespoke Event

There’s no longer any doubt about the fact that we now all live in a social media-driven world. As far as event managing and marketing goes, social media can genuinely make a massive difference to pretty much every aspect of what you do. With the help of top quality social media tools, your own creative content, and the influence and reach of your followers, there’s really no limit to what you’re able to achieve, or the numbers you’re able to hit. Throw in some tried-and-tested social media competition ideas, and you’re onto a surefire winner that’ll make your event whizz around the internet, and get people truly excited about what you’ve got planned.

Social media competitions are a brilliant way to boost engagement, increase your number of shares, and generally improve your social media presence and ability to create a buzz around your upcoming event. There are countless methods and models you can try, and each have the ability to initiate organic excitement, and implement effective word-of-mouth marketing among your fans and their networks.

What’s more, if you’re looking to gather leads to turn into potential sales, social media contest ideas are massively effective as a warm approach.

However, as with anything in the world of event marketing, planning and preparation are key. You can’t just leap into social media competition ideas without first thinking about which type of competition is going to suit your needs best, the timeline you’ll need to follow, and how to wrap things up to reach the maximum number of people.

With the right planning, a careful approach, and keeping your goals in mind at all times, social media contest ideas can end up being a powerful marketing tool which are wonderfully simple to implement and engage. Here at Mask, we’re passionate about helping you hit the big time with your ideas for social media competitions, and that’s why we’ve gathered together our all-time favourite social media contest ideas here in one simple blog for you. Aren’t we nice?

Simple ‘Enter-to-Win’ Sweepstakes

Sometimes, it’s best to stick with the classics. Sweepstakes are perfect as social media competition ideas, because they’re quick, simple, and everybody knows exactly what to do. What’s more, you can get creative and tailor the ‘look’ of your sweepstakes page very easily, adding lots of beautiful branding and on-point messages to the competition site. As well as this, sweepstakes pages are easily spread across social media, as people are usually more than happy to share such straightforward competition formats.

Enter To Win concept with man holding a tablet computer - social media competition ideas

The real benefit to sweepstake social media competitions is the fact that they work perfectly for generating effective leads. Because the hopeful competitor is required to submit their contact details in order to have a chance of winning your prize, these competition styles mean you’ll end up with a nice big bank of leads to follow in future sales drives. Give it a try - it’s easier than you think!

Retweet To Win

When it comes to fast-paced, effective, and dynamic social media content, Twitter is undeniably the one which comes out on top. Events marketers were early adopters of Twitter, simply due to the fact that this particular platform is ideal for sharing snippets of information, perfect for building anticipation and buzz prior to an event. As far as social media contest ideas go, the ‘retweet to win’ concept is about as good as it gets.

The idea is simple - you create a bold, powerful message or image, share it on Twitter, then encourage your followers (and your followers’ followers, and their followers too) to retweet to their network.

The result? You can quickly tot up a massive number of retweets, so long as you prize is tempting enough and your original message really pops. This leads to you reaching a potentially enormous audience with a connection to your core group of followers, and spreading your influence far and wide across the network.

Snapchat Drawing Contest

As savvy event-goers, it’s highly likely that your audience and core followers are quite a creative bunch. If that’s the case, why not tap into their creativity, and launch a Snapchat drawing contest? Social media competition ideas like this one work because they use a familiar format (the art competitions we have all know from childhood), and update it to include contemporary social media networks which are as good for marketing as they are fun to use.

snapchat drawing contest - social media competition ideas

We’d recommend sharing some of your arty entries as soon as they start coming in - people love to see their pictures shared by the brands and networks they follow, and it will spur more and more people on to get involved, share their creations, and thus spread your message further. It’s truly amazing what people can do with their smartphones and a keen eye for an image!


Sometimes, it can be beneficial to gain a deeper insight into your followers, and make them partake in something which might take just a little while longer in order to have a crack at winning a prize. Surveys - which can best be posted on networks like Facebook or Twitter - are a good example of this type of social media contest idea, and allow you to gather quite a lot more information from your fans which can be used in your future marketing efforts.

The main drawback with surveys is that, unlike with sweepstakes, it’s likely you’ll receive considerably fewer entries. From your followers’ perspective, this is no bad thing; fewer entries mean a higher chance of winning that prize. However, if your aim is to gather leads and spread your influence, this might not be the best approach for you. The trick here is to make the survey short and sweet, yet featuring one or two questions which will really help you understand your demographic. Make you sure you state (in big letters!) that the survey will only take 30 seconds to a minute in your post, and hopefully not too many people will be put off.

Short Film / Insta Story / Boomerang Competitions

If you’re looking to gather free content, explore the creativity of your followers, and create a dynamic competition atmosphere with lots of buzz prior to your event, a contest which involves making a short film, Insta story, or Boomerang image might be right up your street.

boomerang image - social media competition ideas

source - blog.lenovo

The great thing about this idea for a social media competition is that your hashtag can quickly spread across social media as the videos etc are uploaded, and you’ll be able to gather the best pieces of multimedia to use for your own marketing campaigns. Short clips and animated gifs look great on blogs, Twitter feeds, and anywhere else you’re looking to show off the excitement of your followers, and this contest idea is sure to lead to you getting plenty of material to play with!

Social Media Competition Ideas to Spread Your Reach and Create Real Buzz

Everyone loves a competition - they bring out our creative energies, get our adrenaline pumping, and leave us wishing and hoping for a golden ticket to come our way. Since the advent of social media, events marketers and other industry professionals have been using contests and competitions to spread news of events like wildfire across the networks, and there’s little doubt about the fact that it’s a highly effective method.

It can be exhausting trying to stay on top of all the social media trends, especially as new platforms and networks pop up on a yearly basis, each striving for dominance over each other. At Mask, we take a lot of pride in the fact that our eye is well and truly on the social media ball, and we’ve seen first-hand time and time again just how effective this realm is when it comes to creating that organic, word-of-mouth marketing we all value so much.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help with your social media campaigns, or anything else connected with your event, just give us a call - we’d love to discuss it further with you!