As a team that love Dessert, we were absolutely over the moon to have been approached earlier this year by the London Dessert Festival, to help with their design concepts. Taking place in the Truman Brewery in East London on the 17th & 18th August, we were tasked with creating the design and production for the event, including themed zones around the venue inspired by different desserts. From the cake n bake zone, to the chocolate zone, it was up to us to ensure that every square metre of the venue was bright, colourful, and insta-worthy!

Not only did our designs need to look good, but they also needed to provide guests with an experience, which was why our Marshmallow Pool was one of our most popular installations. These giant pools contained oversized foam marshmallows for guests to jump into!

We also adorned the ceilings in deliciously colourful umbrellas filled with sprinkles, as well as giant hanging chocolates and donuts. Our Instagram photo backdrops included a wall filled with foliage and macarons, as well as a Willy Wonka-esque giant sized chocolate bar.

The event itself was an incredible affair. As soon as you walked into the venue you were hit with the sugary sweet scent of freshly baked goods, instantly making your mouth water. As you walked around the venue through each of the different zones you found yourself lost between some of London’s best dessert stands. The festival saw the likes of Dum Dum Donutterie, Pan-n-Ice, The Chocolate Cocktail Club, Whipped London and Pleesecakes.

The Dessert Festival truly was the sweetest event of the year!