Who needs a holiday to Italy this summer when you can have the ultimate authentic Italian experience right here in London?  After our very own Ellie shared how amazing the Paris restaurants from this group were, we knew it was time to hit this new exciting spot.

The Big Mamma Group has come to town and we couldn’t be happier, setting themselves apart from the East London industrial vibe; Gloria the Italian trattoria has used its own style to makes its debut in London. The lavish dining rooms are spread over two floors, taking on Capri style interiors. Down stairs you will be immersed in a stylish dining room to enjoy the rich menu and Italian wines. Upstairs you will find beautiful marble flooring, pastel colours and their signature walls lathered in bottles of all your favourite spirits, not forgetting the explosion of flowers and greenery.

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but after Masks trip to Gloria this week, it is now my favourite meal of the day! The delicious breakfast menu offers an authentic taste of Italy, everything Gloria does is fresh and homemade. To make your breakfast experience all the more daring, try the juice roulette and see what refreshing drink will kick start your day. Don’t worry, if you don’t have time for breakfast during the week, Gloria also offer a fabulous brunch menu for the weekends!  

Gloria Trattoria

Sadly, the restaurant is not yet an event space we can get our hands on, but as soon as it becomes available for hire we will be getting ready to show it off to all of our clients!  

But that’s not all from Big Mamma…they have treated the streets of Fitzrovia to another Italian delight, bringing a taste of the Sicilian coast to our city!

Circolo Popolare, perfect for those *hopeful* warm summer evenings, enjoy a glass of something fizzy on the outdoor terrace. In keeping with the genuine authenticity of the Italian cities, Circolo is dressed with hundreds of festoon lights, white stone walls and of course the classic Big Mamma mark…thousands of bottles of spirits lining the walls…20,000 to be precise.