We’ve been watching from afar for some time, and tweeting them to come to London, but no such luck as yet. The Americans are playing a strong game with all these “museums”, or “art installations”, or “immersive experiences”. Whatever you want to call them, they look amazing and we want to go to them all.


29 Rooms

Created by Refinery 29 to celebrate being 10 years old. It’s always coincided with New York Fashion Week but last years popped up in LA. They describe it as a funhouse of style, culture and creativity, where visitors can get involved in the surroundings and become centre stage. It’s sponsored by big brands and both established and emerging artists – even Jake Gyllenhaal got in on the action!

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Museum of Ice Cream

A place to bring people together and provoke imagination. Museum of Ice Cream is a new contender and took the States by storm in the last 12 months. With three locations in Miami, LA and San Fran, guests visited far and wide to take photos on the banana swing and swim in the hundreds and thousands pool.


Color Factory

This two-storey pop up in San Francisco last summer created a realm of colours, textures and smells. It was all about happiness and losing your inhibitions, whether this was in the green room and the giant adult colouring wall, or 10,000 ribbons hanging from the ceiling. Each space was filled with oversized childhood toys or sweet treats to enhance the experience.

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The Egg House

All the egg puns you could imagine and then all the egg related props on top. Taking inspiration from all of the above installs, this egg themed world is open now, so if you’re about to head to NYC you know where to make a pit stop. Giant eggs boxes to climb on, cracked eggs, fried eggs, an eggy menu to choose food from, you can also buy some eggcessories from the gift shop when you’re done. Don’t go if you don’t like eggs, we can’t imagine it being a hit.

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