How to Theme a Stylish Valentine’s Day Party

Valentine’s Day offers plenty of inspiration when it comes to theming a bespoke February party. February has long been celebrated as a month of romance; the story of St. Valentine contains vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition and has been a cause of celebration since the year 496. So, if you’re planning to honour this historic tradition and plan your own Valentine’s day event here’s a little inspiration from our bespoke event managers.


First things first, you’ll need to find the ideal Valentine’s day venue. Start with your guest list and you can begin the hunt for the perfect sized venue in your chosen location. Bear in mind, for a Valentine’s day event the venue’s atmosphere is key.


We recommend intimate, cosy spaces where the theming can take center stage. Depending on your budget, you might wish to consider a totally blank canvas space, to give you maximum flexibility to plan your perfect Valentine’s theming. Of course, if you need any help sourcing your perfect bespoke event venue we can help, contact us to talk through your options.



A traditional Valentine’s Day party colour palette could center around bold, red tones. Colour psychology leads us to believe that seeing red increases the heart rate, much like being in love. Pink is another great choice for Valentine’s day theming; it’s a subtler choice than scarlet red, creating a more feminine look which blends well with lighter tones, making it one of the more versatile romantic colours. You could even theme the venue entirely in white, with its connection to wedding dresses this pure colour choice will keep the mood light.


Once you’ve chosen your Valentine’s Day colours you can focus on smaller details. Of course, floral décor works brilliantly for romantic-themed events. A floral wall is the perfect way to create a dramatic first impression at your event. We recommend a mixture of roses, hydrangeas and orchids, all in shades of white, off-white, and blush pink. You could complete the look by carpeting the floor of the venue in rose petals for the perfect floral fantasy.



Your chosen flowers might be mirrored in table centres and petals can even be scattered amongst the trays your servers use to offer drinks and canapes to your guests. If you want to put an alternative twist on your floral theming you could consider giving your blooms a new lease of life by creating hanging floral decorations above your tables, or from the venue’s lighting.



Smaller details could include Valentine’s themed balloons complete with cheeky lipstick prints, metallic balloons or sparkling cupid’s arrows to serve your canapes on. You could even freeze excess blooms into ice cubes to fill your ice buckets and chill your champagne in the most sophisticated of ways!



Consider the food and drinks you’ll be serving and think about how these too could tie into the theme. Your Prosecco reception could easily get a Valentine’s Day twist simply by adding grenadine or rhubarb liqueur to the drinks, turning them a rosy pink colour that’s made for Valentine’s Day celebrations.


For further inspiration, you can view our full Valentine’s Day Theme Pinterest board below.



A Valentine’s Day has to one of our favourites but we can help you create a truly memorable occasion for you and your guests,whatever your theme. If you’re looking for help with theming/styling for your next celebration, contact us and we’ll create the perfect event, just for you.


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