How To Get Into The Events Industry

As we are sure so many other event companies do, at MASK we get hundreds of CVs a year. We know how hard this industry is to crack into and we understand why people want to. It’s an incredible industry to work in, we get to enjoy champagne breakfast in venues all over London, a recent being the Gherkin.

We spend our days taking our amazing clients around some of London’s best venues and eat out at some of the hottest restaurants in town. We know we’re lucky to do the job we do and we know we get some serious perks. However it’s not all champagne and canapés it’s a lot of hard work, a lot of pressure and there’s no time to sit around. This is a fast paced industry and if you can’t keep up you’ll get left behind.

We run a rolling work experience programme at MASK HQ and an annual internship scheme also. We are seeing the talent of the future and therefore we value these internal schemes highly. We need to have new people coming through our doors to keep us fresh and a dose of boundless enthusiasm once in while helps remind us just how cool our jobs are. If you act well and perform highly in a work experience placement or internship you’re well on your way to getting a job. We have pushed for so many people that have been with us to get jobs.

We have lots of people through our doors, some only for a week, some stay for a year. Over this time we have tried to analyse what it is that makes certain people stand out and have compiled our list of top tips below to help you get into one of the most fun industries out there:

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  • Be positive. It sounds simple but so few people are smiley and happy. We get you can’t be like this all the time but show us your enthusiasm.
  • Show how keen you are. About everything. No job should be too small, too rubbish or too boring. The one work experience person who asked to actually be given an interesting task did not score brownie points.
  • Graft. It’s not all glam and sometimes there are some boring but essential jobs. From our interns to our MD we have all done the rubbish bits, it’s what gets you to where you want to be. Every task we ask you to do we have done ourselves at some point or another.
  • Show us your personality. It can be hard coming into an office but we need to see what makes you tick. Join in with conversation and be chatty but respect that this is a stressful job and we can’t sit around talking all day. It’s hard to get it right but key. Don’t be too quiet or you will blend in and once you’re gone we will forget you. Definitely don’t be grumpy!
  • Ask our advice. You have our attention, we love our industry and will help you get into it. We have all been in your position and have our own story about how we got into our jobs and we’re more than willing to share it.
  • Come to promos. Everything we invite you to, come to. This is how you meet people, how you learn about the industry so you can sound knowledgeable it is one of the most fun ways you can break into the industry.
  • Dress appropriately. Again this sounds simple but you’d be surprised by what some people wear. We have had people wearing sheer tops, ripped jeans and hot pants. It’s important to show your personality but this is a professional environment and we’re simply not going to take you on a site visit with one of our top clients to a 5 star hotel if you’re wearing trainers and a hoodie.
  • Stay in touch. Those that do are more likely to get a job. I get asked all the time for good people and people want a personal recommendation. Those that have are pretty much all in jobs now. Bug us in a good way. The person most on our mind at the moment is Beth Carter. Following a two week work experience where she stormed it and we all fell in love with her we are now talking about her to everyone we know. She’s brilliant – employ her! 


It’s hard and tough doing work experience but it’s so valuable. Think of it as road testing the company and industry. Squeeze it for all you can and make sure you get everything you want from it. Make contacts. And remember however mundane a task may be, if you do it with a smile we’ll remember you for being positive and the next time we get asked if we’ve seen anyone good recently we’ll send them your CV.

Good luck!