Halloween makeup inspiration

We’re not going to lie; we’ve spent more time than we’d care to admit looking at makeup videos. It all gets a little more interesting in the run up to Halloween when people ditch contouring and brow definition, and go mad for prosthetics, gore or just plain weirdness. Instagram is our go-to and here are some of our favourite spooky Halloween makeup artists taking part in #31daysofhalloween.


Simple Symphony

Absolutely terrifying but amazing all the same time. French SFX and MUA @simple.symphony is an expert to say the least. We’re not sure how you’d do any eating or drinking in this masterpiece…

Cass Lloyd

@casslloydfx Pinocchio is less scary, unless you have pupaphobia (fear of puppets), and more cutesy / sweet. We’re betting a steady hand is required to get that wood effect.

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Anna Lingis

Go glam this Halloween with a glittery skull. We like the traditional skull turned on its head. @annalingis has all the tricks of the trade.

Rosalina Young

@ahitsrosa go OTT with the fake tan, and then some. This Oompla Loompa looks a little more achievable for the everyday Halloween party goer: false eyelashes, green eye shadow and a curly green wig.

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Brenna Mazzoni

@artbybmazz created this creepy ink blot style demon with the help of full black contact lenses and the fingers were made from masking tape and acrylic paint! Blue Peter eat your heart out, and then cry in fear.

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Daniel Ruiz Smith

@danielzrotfl creates a living piece of art, similar to the Roy Lichtenstein pop art style, using flat shadows on a 3D moving object.

The Bria Beauty

Obviously with the re-release of IT everyone’s going Pennywise mad. We liked this one by @thebriabeauty because it merges joker-esque scarring with the infamous clown.

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