How to Create The Perfect Christmas Party

Arranging the perfect Christmas party is a fine art, but if we could give you one piece of advice it’d be this: look after the details! Dropping hints about the celebration, arranging top secret surprises and giving guests something to remember the night by all add up to one great event.

Here are four easy ways to ensure your party is the season’s best:


Step 1: Pique Guests’ Interest 

The secret to a great party is anticipation – bring the event to life before it’s even started with interesting invitations tailored to your theme, or create office incentives to get everyone in the mood!


Step 2: The Art of Surprise 

Nothing compares to the childlike excitement of discovery! Keep the details of your event close to your chest and you’ll ensure there’s plenty of surprises for the night itself. Secret entertainment could include anything from pick n mix and surprise entertainment to company awards.


Step 3: Say Thank You 

Make sure your guests leave with a great impression of the party by giving them something to take home. Photo booths work well, and always prove hugely popular with our guests. Or you could leave little gifts on the table, of course the more Christmassy the better. You can’t go wrong with Santa hats, that’s all we’re saying!


Step 4: Sooth Sore Heads 

With any great party comes great pain, so be kind to your weary guests the following day. If you can authorise it, allowing guests a lie-in is the perfect way to end a celebration.  When guests do drag themselves into the office greet them with bacon sandwiches. Later in the afternoon you could even arrange some light relief in the form of party videos or photos.


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