The 4 Best Spring Dinner Party Themes in 2019

Get ready to celebrate, people – winter is almost over! We’ve almost made it through the coldest, darkest, most depressing days of the year, and Spring is fast approaching on the horizon. Soon, the flowers will be blooming, the days will be getting longer and balmier, and we’ll all be in the mood to head … Continued

Person dancing in a crowd

Epic Office Party Ideas That’ll Have Everyone Buzzing for Weeks

Office parties regularly come in for a bit of a bad rap, and frankly, it isn’t that difficult to see why, as almost everybody you’re likely to meet has been to at least one underwhelming, boring, or outright embarrassing office party at some point in their career. It’s shocking to us that despite the wealth … Continued

alternative christmas party theme

Alternative Christmas Party Themes

We don’t want to come across all bah-humbug, but sometimes the office Christmas party can be a little cheesy and cliché. The tinsel, the mistletoe hanging in front of the toilets that someone deems appropriate, Secret Santa… Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for winter wonderlands but from time to time we love a good … Continued

Japanese cherry blossom theme for Events

The ‘Hanami’ Cherry Blossom Theme – Perfect for Spring

For a Spring theme with a Japanese twist, take inspiration from Japan’s famous cherry blossoms. Around this time every year, the entire nation turns pink with cherry trees awash with the celebrated blooms. In Japan, there’s even a televised Cherry Blossom Forecast, giving viewers a petal-by-petal analysis of the advancement of the flowers. The Japanese … Continued

midsummers night's dream party decor

How to Theme a Midsummer Night’s Dream Party

Take inspiration from Shakespeare’s unparalleled tale of love, betrayal and desire for a Midsummer Night’s Dream Party theme. Our bespoke event management team explain how to bring this classic comedy to life for summer celebrations.   Dark fantasies and nightmarish visions unfold with this bold summer party style. To create the perfect ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ … Continued