Waiter serving champagn with strawberries

What Is Corporate Hospitality and How to Get It Right

When it comes to boosting your image, improving your marketing skills and making a fantastic impression on your clients, guests, partners, or anybody else you’re hosting, going out of your way to show off your corporate hospitality skills is never a bad thing. Everybody likes to feel as though they’re being treated with a welcoming … Continued

Event mistakes and how we’ve dealt with them

Shock! Horror! We’re only human, we all make mistakes – the important thing here is to resolve them quickly, calmly and efficiently. Luckily not all these mistakes are our fault, but we’re not pointing the blame – if we don’t find a solution these mistakes certainly become our problems.   The supplier doesn’t arrive on … Continued

Businessmen shake hands in headquarters. Managers greeting each other. Value your allies. Thanks for everything.

Meeting Etiquette Basics – Because Protocol Matters!

You know what they say: “manners maketh the man” (or woman!). If you’re li​ke us, the chances are you’ve sat through more than your fair share of meetings. They’re an essential part of any business lifestyle – there are always people to meet, to impress, to share ideas with – and meeting etiquette is a … Continued

19 Greek Street

In the midst of Soho sits a townhouse you’ve probably walked past a hundred times and never noticed. So what? Ok, you’ve probably been inside it more than you realise too. Now are you Interested?   19 Greek Street is an unassuming six-floored building, but it’s a firm favourite for pop ups – the multi-storey … Continued

Rebook your
Christmas party

We like to think of January as the calm before the storm. It’s a time for planning ahead (as well as some well-deserved rest and recovery after the carnage of December). So although it sounds a little odd, it’s actually pretty common to rebook your Christmas party in January. Rebooking in January can be cost-saving … Continued

food truck pop up event

What Are Pop Up Events And Why Are They Important?

In this industry, it’s vitally important to keep a finger on the pulse of whatever’s new, trendy and happening on the events scene… and it’s fair to say we’ve been more than impressed by the rapid growth of pop ​up events across the country in recent years. Once the domain of hipster start-ups and arty crowds, … Continued

The Cocktail Service

The Cocktail Service specialises in team building, brand activation, events, and as you’d expect, making incredible cocktails. These mixology masters are also moustachioed gentleman, and are always a pleasure to work with.     Their works spans from venues to exhibitions where they’ve worked across the UK and Europe. They also make an excellent add-on … Continued

Grace Hall decor

Grace Hall: It’s all in the detail

Another beautiful venue by Camm & Hooper opened its doors in London yesterday. We’ve been waiting for Grace Hall to open since early 2017 (we know they always promised an autumn opening, but we’re impatient). The big reveal was witnessed by probably every event prof in London. We went along with our sister companies Venueseeker … Continued


The IKEA House Party

Ikea has been selling in the UK for 30 years, and to celebrate they converted a Soho townhouse into a series of Ikea living rooms. Open for four days last week and concluding with an actual house party on Saturday night – we popped along to this time warp. Each floor was dedicated to a … Continued


A great one for staying ahead of the curve, Event360 is an opportunity for agencies, venues and event suppliers to network and to discuss their favourite topic – events. It’s a chance to hear from industry thought leaders, for suppliers to showcase new and innovative products, and for venues to pull out all the stops … Continued