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9 of the Hottest Conference Gift Ideas for 2018

There’s no single component to a successful conference. To provide a truly winning event, several individual factors are required, and each one needs to be optimised to ensure the best possible response. From your decor to your catering, and from your speakers to your venue, every aspect of your conference lends something to the way … Continued

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Breaking the ice at a team building event? Not a problem anymore!

There aren’t many events which don’t benefit enormously from team building icebreakers. These exercises thaw that initial frostiness, and get strangers (and even people who know each other reasonably well) to let their guards down, open up to new experiences, and stop being self-conscious and withdrawn for the duration of the session. Some people are shy, … Continued

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Give it some pep:
Conference Energisers

As a bespoke event agency we’re often asked how to make a conference a little more interesting and engaging. Obviously these things largely boil down to content, but even the most exciting of topics can become dull if you lock your delegates in to a day full of Powerpoint and no breaks. Yikes! We’ve listed … Continued

Make Your
Conference Count

It goes without saying, if you’ve spent time and money putting on an event, you don’t want it to be a waste. This is even more crucial for conferences, as usually you’re trying to educate, inform or motivate your guests in one way or another. Content has got to be key, but so does your … Continued



Why PechaKucha is a great idea for your next conference     Way back in 2003, architects Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham created the concept of PechaKucha and held the first event in Tokyo. It’s now a global phenomenon, running in over 900 cities across the world and over 100 events happening every month. So … Continued

What is an Unconference? | Bespoke Conferences | Mask Events

What is an Unconference?

What are the benefits of booking an unconference event this year?   The unconference is the informal, interactive alternative to the conference. Find out why you should host an unconference this year and how you could benefit.   A post shared by Chris Shipton (@liveillustration) on Mar 8, 2017 at 7:39am PST   What is an … Continued

What Makes A Conference Great?

What Makes A Conference Great?

How can you make sure your next conference is a success? Whether you’re planning a small or large conference, planning it effectively is crucial to its success. Here are our ideas on running a great conference this year. Get the theming right At any conference, time is precious, so give your audience something to start … Continued