Mask’s Festive Press Day for Argos

A Bespoke Press Day Inspired by the Magic of Christmas


Argos needed a huge event full of Christmas spirit to get its press contacts excited about the brand’s new winter collections.


Our team worked with Argos to bring Christmas forward a few months. The end result was an impressive press day which put Argos’s Christmas products firmly in the spotlight.

On the day, we welcomed 270 guests and brought together a fair few events industry experts, including 40 suppliers, five agencies and 40 staff and crew to create this show-stopper of a press event.

There were three press shows in one, with each sub-show coming complete with its own distinct styling, created by our bespoke team. We focused on Argos’s film exclusives, such as Trollz and Starwars. The day’s key tech suppliers included FitBit, Phantom 4, LG and Nutri.

The industrial venue styling was complemented by bright, bold colours taken from Argos’s iconic branding. Detailed decorations included white balloons, gift-inspired display tables and VIP-ready red carpets.