London Dessert Festival 2019

Full design management of London’s first experiential dessert festival


To come up with creative, innovative ideas for the full design process at the London Dessert Festival, creating different sensory zones for guests to explore


On 17th-18th August, the Truman Brewery in Spitalfields was home to the London Dessert Festival, London’s first experiential dessert festival, celebrating sensory indulgence.

As part of our brief, we were tasked with designing different zones within the venue, including a cakes n bakes zone, ice cream zone, chocolate zone and more. In each of these zones were different elements, designed to evoke thoughts, feelings, and the all-important photo opportunities.

Two of our Instagram backdrops included a macaron wall, made from green faux foliage, with rainbow of coloured macarons strategically placed throughout. The other backdrop was designed with all chocolate addicts in mind, the chocolate wrapper room with a mouth-wateringly realistic giant chocolate bar.

As well as these incredible photo backdrops, other installations created by Mask included the marshmallow pool, sprinkle filled umbrellas, hanging donuts and chocolates!