Hedsor House

A festive celebration made of fairy tale compilations


Create a magical festive experience for valued staff


Four Fairytales Come to Life

Hedsor House took on a magical new look at Christmas, when we brought four best-loved fairytales to life for one incredible festive celebration.

The Georgian country house was transformed with mythical theming, to experience the worlds of Harry Potter, Shrek, Willy Wonka and Narnia. Each mesmerising room provided a fully interactive and immersive experience, captivating guests with enchanting entertainment and intriguing themed menus.

The night began as soon as guests stepped through the wardrobe, entering the weird and wonderful world of Narnia, where drinks was served. Frosted foliage and fur runners set the scene, with seafood canapés and sushi served on icy blue glass trays – perfect for the perpetual land of ice and snow.

The faraway swamp, similar to Shrek’s served spiced swamp garden stew, ‘fried bug clusters’ (spiced onion and aubergine pakoras) and ‘rats on sticks’ (spicy minted lamb skewers).

The Leaky Caldron beckoned next, where pumpkins and candles created the atmosphere of a favourite fabled pub. Cauldrons hubbled and bubbled, whilst spellbooks, broomsticks and house scarves added a touch of sorcery to Harry Potter’s legendary haunt.

Willy Wonka’s world was the ending experience where guests headed to the top secret chocolate factory for a mind-boggling take on decadent desserts: Lickable wallpaper, white chocolate mice, chocolate limes and of course the famous chocolate fountain.

We've had 8 wonderful Christmas parties with the Concerto Group so far and last year’s was no exception. Held at Hedsor House, Mask created a unique atmosphere with themed rooms. Their imagination had no bounds from the outset. The whole event was well choreographed and yet again, I heard “the best one yet” from colleagues.