Argos A/W 14 Homeshow

Creating a visually stunning display of Argos’ forthcoming brands and products to press


To design an innovative showcase introducing press guests the new A/W14 products from Argos


Turn blank canvas venue OXO2 into five large rooms sets to introduce the brand’s latest collections, plus seven smaller plinth stories. Each room was designed to reflect both a time of year and the personality of its inhabi-tants, enabling guests to travel through all 12 months as they moved through the venue.

A kitchen and dining space was set up for a Valentine’s meal, whilst a bedroom scene was designed for a teenage student in the thick of May’s revision season. A young couple were in the midst of packing for a holiday in another bedroom setup, which showcased their love of travel through a range of globetrotter-inspired accessories.

A living room was prepared just in time for the X Factor final, and came complete with mismatched cushions, pizza boxes and popcorn. The final scene was a festive one, with a dining table set up for the traditional family Christmas dinner, including those all-important extra chairs for last minute guests.

Guests were also introduced to Argos’ new ‘Heart of House’ brand, a high-end home and furniture brand designed to respond to modern living. The new brand has recently become available to customers, with a choice of 1,200 products across furniture, homewares and upholstery.

“The show was a resounding success. Internally and externally it has moved us on hugely …Great job by Mask!”

Head of Communications - Home Retail Group