Back to the 80's for Angry Birds

Retro gaming and the classic Transformers inspired this 1984 themed celebration


To celebrate Exient’s new game, Angry Birds Transformers.


A retro gaming,Transformers inspired event, where guests are transported back to 1984 (the year of the original Transformers).

A rock n’ roll venue in Exient’s hometown, Leamington Spa was selected to host this incredible evening. 10 foot dancing pyrotechnic robots and actors in 80’s soft rock mullets welcomed guests on arrival with plenty more surprises inside.

To give guests the 80’s look, fancy dress was provided in the form of wigs, Angry Birds masks and bright accessories.

A secret room unveiled more surprises including mannequins with rock hair, a live graffiti artist creating a bespoke Angry Birds Transformers piece and a coloured caravan stuffed full of branded soft toys and vintage transformers.

Entertainment was provided by a live band, Iron Tyger, who agreed to change their name to the Autobots for the evening. The Autobots delivered two sets of pure 1980’s rock n’ roll to a delighted crowd and then screened 1984 rockumentary Spinal Tap in the golden caravan, followed by a screening of Michael Jackson’s Thriller at midnight.

"I don’t think I have ever seen so many people party so hard for so long, running from room to room with excitement, as they discovered more and more surprises. This sort of event will continue to build Exient’s reputation as a great game studio, and I’m grateful to the Mask team for assisting us with this. It was the best launch I’ve ever been to."

Exient client