Alstom: Shaping the Future

The world’s leading energy solutions and transport company, Alstom, hosts an annual dinner to communicate with industry leaders


To make this year’s dinner more impressive than the last. To devise a campaign which will entice and excite guests from the outset – from invite to execution and post-production.


Using Alstom’s slogan, ‘Shaping the Future’ to showcase the company’s blueprint, history and plans for the future.

The event began with guests looking into what the future might hold. Ideas for sustainable energy sources and transport were showcased by emerging talent from Alstom’s graduates, whose models showed guests what their ideas might mean for the industry.

The room decor included a bespoke moving set, with trains, wind turbines and power stations prominent throughout. Blueprints were a source of inspiration, with blueprint designs on the invitations, tablecloths, menus and table numbers

"The team are fun, full of enthusiasm and extremely passionate about their work. They bring to life even the craziest, creative ideas, always putting in 110%. They are easy to work with, always on hand to help and have a clear project management process from start to finish. I look forward to working with them again soon"

Head of Marketing Communications - Alstom