In Bloom: The Ideal Springtime Party Theme

Spring is a great time to host a party. Take inspiration from nature at this time of year, and theme your springtime celebration with seasonal blooms.


‘In Bloom’ is a fantastic way to style your spring party. The theme offers so many opportunities to personalise your event styling. Choosing a flexible theme like spring blooms gives you endless opportunities to put your own stamp on the event’s look. Not only that, you’ll be able to make the most of your event budget by adding as much or as little styling details are you choose.


How to Create ‘In Bloom’, The Ideal Springtime Party Theme


Nature offers so many ways to style your springtime event. Look to springtime flowers in season at the time of your party which can be sourced locally to your event to make the most of this floral theme.


Styling your event with flowers doesn’t have to stop at floral centerpieces and impressive arrangements. There are so many ways to get creative with your chosen blooms.


To create a dramatic springtime look that gives your event the wow factor from the moment guests arrive, we recommend suspending your blooms over focal points of your venue, for example your tables or the bar. This is a stylish, fresh way to display flowers at your event, the more flowers you have the more intense it’ll look.


Complement your big floral displays with smaller nods to springtime blooms. You could decorate candles or lighting with smaller floral arrangements, fill clear balloons with flowers to add a burst of colour and of course your guests’ favours can be springtime flowers too. We like the idea of giving each guest a small succulent to take away with them, or presenting gifts in plain crackers decorated with tiny bunches of spring flowers.



Flowers can appear almost anywhere at your event. Tuck a posy into your cutlery rings or add bunches of flowers to rustic event props such as wheelbarrows, bicycles or vintage milk pails. Floral decorations can even be used to separate the spaces of your event. Hang blooms along fishing wire and suspend them from the ceiling to create a barrier and give your venue distinctly separate spaces.


Of course, the ‘in bloom’ look doesn’t have to stop at décor. This theme translates easily into inspiration for your event’s menu. Some ideas taken from nature include roses frozen into ice cubes to chill your wine, or floral flavours such as Earl Grey and blackberry ice cream for your guests to enjoy in the spring sunshine.


Cocktails lend themselves easily to floral theming, whether you choose to decorate your drinks with edible flowers or create your own floral cocktails like a Honeysuckle Tom Collins, Hibiscus Highball or a Jasmine Cooler. You could even freeze your cocktails to create boozy ice lollies complete with frozen edible flowers.



For further inspiration, you can view our full In Bloom theme for Events Pinterest Board below.



Are you planning a bespoke event this Spring? Contact us to talk to our expert event managers about how to create your own themed celebration. We know you’ll be inspired by their creative ideas.

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