Do you go al-desko?

Luckily in the events industry we’re not too sedentary, but when you’re madly catching up on emails or working to tight deadlines, how often do you really get away from your desk for lunch? Al-desko (the polar opposite to sunny al-fresco lunches): we all do it, and we fully understand why we do it, but it’s a little bleak when you’re chowing down on your Tesco meal deal with crumbs falling into your keyboard.

Let’s start a revolution and leave the office at lunch, and be happy while we’re outside/away from our desk, but then also slightly worry that those emails won’t answer themselves.

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So let’s talk about making the inevitable a little more bearable. You’re at work more often that you’re not, so keep yourself happy. Here are the five most popular things on your happy-work-checklist.


Your job

Obvious, hey? We are lucky enough to enjoy our jobs, but we know that’s not the case for everyone. Hopefully there’s some element of your role that you do like. If not, there’s always the other four items below to rely on.


Work spouse

We’ve heard the term work spouse being thrown around quite a lot recently. We love having a work spouse – male or female, it doesn’t matter. Someone you enjoy spending time with, but also someone you can rely on and who will support and guide you. Or maybe it’s not as deep and meaningful as that yet, you just enjoy going to the pub with them. Either way, one spouse or many is a definite go-to for a happy working environment.


Natural light

Usually the window seat is shot gunned early on, or taken by someone senior. We have a grand total of six whole windows for an office of 50 people! That’s pretty standard in London, so if you’re given the gift on sunlight, bask in it. For a little fake inspiration or just something other than a spreadsheet, download Momentum on Google Chrome, daily pretty pictures and a sometimes questionable quote. We like shouting “we’ve been there” as much as possible.



Get up and out of that chair (maybe go to the window for some natural light). Apparently every 20 minutes, but let’s be realistic, once an hour is a good goal. That teeny tiny water/toilet/tea break could be vital in solving that problem with a fresh pair of eyes. Or at the very least you’ll stop your bum going numb.




Office dogs! Everyone is mad for office dogs and with good reason (we’re ignoring those that don’t like dogs or are allergic, for a minute). It’s been proven that having a dog in the office boosts morale, relieves stress and gives employees a sense of nurture and belonging.


But revisiting those that are anti-dog, there are desk plants. Not as effective, or cuddly, but keeping a little pot plant going is a great thing to do. Plus, succulents are very easy to look after and you can jazz them up with some exciting pots. One of our desk plants is called Herbert and he takes regular holidays to the window sill when he’s looking a bit yellow.




We won’t judge you next time you go al-desko, just try and make sure it doesn’t become a daily feature. “Does anyone want anything from the outside world?” is something we hear far too often. How do you improve your working environment? Let us know what you’re up to on Twitter! If you like this blog, you’ll love our newsletter, sign up here.