7 Unique Event Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

There are plenty of ways to ensure that your event really goes off with a bang, but among our favourites is always the inclusion of some kind of event entertainment. Bringing in an entertainer, a show, or something to break up proceedings and provide some razzle dazzle is the perfect way to keep everyone engaged, and it demonstrates that you, as an event manager, is more than willing to go the extra mile and ensure everyone’s having fun.

Thankfully, there are loads of great entertainment ideas for corporate events out there to choose from, and due to this massive range, there’s something for every budget, and every theme. 

Whether you want to book a live band to get your crowd moving and dancing, a magician to provoke gasps of wonder and childlike smiles from your attendees, or some kind of organised group activity, you can rest assured that by arranging some event entertainment is one of the top ways to make your event stand out.

At Mask, we’ve seen some amazing entertainment ideas for corporate events over the years, and we’re rarely left unimpressed by the ingenuity and talent on show. As always, we want to share some of the best concepts and ideas for you to incorporate into your upcoming events - that’s why we’ve compiled some examples below for you to look through, and consider for your next engagement. Read on, and take a look at our top 7 event entertainment options!

Music Performers

Price range: Medium

Who doesn’t love ending the night on the dancefloor, getting down to some groovy tunes and mingling with new friends and contacts while having a whole load of fun? Many events organisers opt for a disco in order to achieve this effect, but we’d argue that a better option would be to book a live band or other type of music performer.

There’s a unique thrill and energy that comes with watching live musicians do their thing on stage, and whether they’re an established act with their own songs, or a covers band rocking out everyone’s favourite hits, there’s no doubt that this is one event entertainment option that will get everyone moving!

live band - event entertainment

Acrobatic Show

Price range: High

Vintage glamour is all the rage right now in the London events scene, and what could be more glamorous and retro than a high-flying acrobatics show featuring talented artistes soaring over your assembled attendees? This is your chance to show your guests that you’re really ready to make your event stand head and shoulders above the rest, and put on a show quite unlike any other. There’s an undeniable sense of wonder that goes with acrobatics, and if your event is boasting a vintage theme or circus vibe, this would be an incredible choice to go for.

Game show

Price range: Low

Often, the best entertainment ideas for corporate events are those which get the whole crowd involved, and provide plenty of fun and laughter along the way.

Organising a game show for your event is a tried-and-tested formula which never fails to encourage engagement, and there are so many options out there to choose from, depending on the vibe you’re going for, or the theme of your event.

You could choose to base your game show on a popular example known and loved throughout the country (newcomers on the game show circuit include BBC’s Pointless), or you could opt for a classic for yesterday - something like The Generation Game, or Play Your Cards Right. For budget-conscious events, you could manage and run the game show by yourselves, or you could hire in professional entertainers to host and run the show on your behalf. The options are endless!

stand-up comedy

Price range: Low-Medium

Who doesn’t like to have a laugh? Stand-up comedy is big news nowadays, with the live comedy circuit completely reinvigorated and energised in a way it hasn’t been since the late 1980s. Comedy clubs are booming, live shows on the TV are pulling in huge ratings, and it seems that the public’s appetite for laughs is larger than ever.

Hiring a stand-up comedian for your event can really lift the spirits and ensure that everyone benefits from some genuine comic relief, and it also has the added bonus of providing the perfect ice-breaker. After all, if your attendees are giggling together, they’ll have no problem in mingling and reliving the jokes and set pieces once the performance is over.

The other great thing about stand-up comedians is that there are so many out there, you’ll have no problem finding one which suits your budget.

Ricky Gervais - event entertainment

source - Radiotimes

celebrity impersonators

Price range: Low

If your upcoming event is a themed one, a superb way to add a sense of entertainment and immersion is to hire a top-quality celebrity impersonator. Planning a Hollywood vibe for your product launch, awards ceremony, or reception?

Why not invite Marilyn Monroe, Al Pacino, or Charlie Chaplin along to kick off proceedings? Obviously, it wouldn’t be particularly easy to get the real deal (not least because two of the celebrities just mentioned haven’t been with us for several decades…), but you could easily get the next best thing with a lookalike or impersonator.

celebrity impersonators - event entertainment

source - Orlandosentinel

The great thing about professional celebrity impersonators is that they’ll generally have a full act worked out, and will have been doing the circuit for some time. This means they’ll have the flexibility and versatility to provide a real sense of glamour and entertainment, and will be happy to deliver speeches, pose for photographs, and generally bring a sense of excitement to your evening. Whether you want the spitting image of Captain Jack Sparrow, Dean Martin, or her Majesty the Queen, there is a vast range of lookalikes out there just waiting to bring a bit of glitz to your event, and ensure your attendees are kept smiling throughout.


Price range: Medium

Las Vegas themed events are always popular with events organisers and attendees alike, as they encourage lots of fun, plenty of engagement, and offer plenty of opportunities for ice-breaking and light-hearted laughs.

Hiring a casino setup as part of your event entertainment ideas is a great way to get your guests to wind down and enjoy themselves, and it’s easy to provide event-specific gambling chips which can be exchanged for real prizes (after all, you don’t want your guests blowing their real cash on the blackjack table at your event!).

If you’re going to go for this kind of theme for your upcoming event, we’d advise going all-out with the decor and associated entertainment options - have some close-up magic acts doing the rounds, or some showgirls putting on a song and dance act while the gambling takes place - it’s sure to result in an unforgettable night!

magic show

Price range: Low to Medium

Who doesn’t love stage magic? There’s something truly amazing about watching professional magicians confound and confuse us with their skills and talents, and the magic scene in the UK is fighting fit right now thanks to the emergence of hip, young, cool street magicians doing incredible feats which defy logic and make us doubt our senses.

For corporate events, a magic show can really capture the attention of the crowd and encourage superb levels of engagement. Whether you opt for a close-up magician pulling David Blaine style stunts which leave us scratching our heads in confusion, someone who excels at mind-reading and mentalism, or a full-blown Vegas style magical spectacle (preferably without the live tigers, though), this event entertainment idea never fails to provoke a sense of wonder and excitement among attendees.

magic show - event entertainment

source - Geektyrant

Event Entertainment: A Surefire Way to Make A Big Impression

Each and every one of the entertainment ideas for corporate events outlined above has the potential to make your conference, launch party, reception, or awards ceremony go off with a real bang. Whether money is no issue or you’re on a tight budget, there’s plenty to choose from, and we’re confident that no matter what you opt for, these entertainment options are sure to encourage engagement, and take your event to new heights of excitement!

As an industry-leading events company, Mask is always on the lookout for amazing new entertainment ideas. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg of what we do! If you’d like to find out more, just get in touch - we’d love to hear from you soon.