7 amazing themed dinner party ideas for the spring season

Corporate dinner parties are a great way to bring team members, partners, and prospective clients together for a night of fun, food and opportunities for ice-breaking and deal making. As spring is on the horizon, plenty of firms are on the lookout for fresh, exciting and out-of-the-box dinner party themes with which to impress, and there are plenty of fascinating and fun-packed ideas out there to choose from.

Hitting the right notes with themed dinner party ideas is the perfect way to generate buzz about your company, boost morale and host a memorable night to kick off or end the financial year.

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 There’s no excuse nowadays for the same, tired old themes to be wheeled out yet again (and don’t get us started on the platters of sandwiches and crisps that once typified corporate meals…), and we’ve taken the liberty of compiling some of the coolest, most left-field and spectacular dinner party themes to spark your imagination.

Each of these themes has the potential to really lift an occasion out of the ordinary, and make it something truly special. Check them out below!

The casino royal theme

Inject a bit of classic glamour and James Bond intrigue into your dinner party with this fantastic and fool-proof theme, sure to guarantee a swinging night of sophistication for all who attend!

How to make this theme work

This themed dinner party idea is all about revelling in sharp and glamorous dress codes (think tuxes and cocktail dresses), beautifully decadent decor, focused lighting and a flawless VIP vibe throughout the evening.

If you really want to impress with your Casino Royale evening, you’re going to have to pull out all the stops with your event organising. You’ll need a full host of Vegas-style games tables for some high-flying after dinner entertainment, and you can even consider putting on a show with dancers, singers or other types of entertainers. Professional cocktail makers are an essential, and you can even create a signature cocktail for the evening, too. Encourage your attendees to get into the spirit by hiring limousines to show up in, and make sure everyone abides by the dress code, too!

moulin rouge

Transport your attendees to a night of Parisian decadence straight out of the city of light’s artistic quarter. The Moulin Rouge dinner party theme idea has become enormously popular over the last decade, following the hit Baz Luhrmann movie, and it isn’t difficult to see why: this theme really pack in the appeal of vintage glamour, intrigue, romance, and a hint of danger… you never really know what to expect!

woman sings at a moulin rouge party

How to make this theme work

This dinner party theme is all about the performances; hire circus acts, balloon dancers, Can-Can girls and magicians, and really ramp up the Parisian vibe with Champagne, oysters, and elegant treats laid out on every table. The theme should be retro chic with a flashy edge to it - feathers, top hats and tails, billowing ball gowns and all the trimmings! Make sure your venue is decked out in deep reds, blacks, purples and illuminated by chandeliers and candlelight, and you really can’t go far wrong!

viva las vegas

Las Vegas is everybody’s dream holiday destination, and this dinner party theme idea really takes your diners away from reality for an evening. Whether you choose to go for the swinging Elvis-inspired Vegas from yesteryear, or a more contemporary, chaotic ‘The Hangover’ style event is up to you… just keep it fun, frivolous and over-the-top!

How to make this theme work

We all know what to expect from a Las Vegas Themed dinner party: it’s got to involve dramatic and impressive showmanship in the form of crooners, magicians (white tigers are optional!), and dancers… and of course, lots of opportunity to hit the blackjack table, too. Food can be inspired by the classic American diner menu, and it would be a fantastic idea to hire a mixologist for the evening that can rustle up cocktails like a Martini and Old Fashioned for your guests.

the gatsby party

Popular culture has never been as stylish, cool, and sophisticated as it was in the roaring twenties - this was the age of the birth of jazz, the Charleston, incredible flapper fashion and the first truly iconic cocktails. This gala evening truly encapsulates all that was special about the era.

Great Gatsby Party

How to make this theme work

Gatsby parties are - by their very definition - exaggerated, over-the-top and deeply glamorous affairs. In order to get the theme right, you’ve got to ensure all of your Art Deco credentials are in place: dramatic up lighting, impressive centrepieces on every table, and a venue bedecked in black, white and gold. Hire a jazz band to serenade the diners throughout the evening, or arrange for someone to host a quick dance class after dinner to make sure everyone knows how to do the Charleston to the tunes being played.

the medieval banquet

Take your diners back in time to a land of sumptuous banquets, chivalry and heraldry, and treat them to a dinner party theme they’ll never forget.

How to make this theme work

Keep things classical: coats of arms on the walls, silk table runners, piles of candles and torches burning throughout the evening, and jesters and medieval musicians for entertainment. You could alternatively opt for a Game of Thrones style evening, with some sword ‘n’ sorcery fun thrown in. Either way, this dinner party theme idea calls for regal outfits, huge spreads of roasted meats and Olde Worlde edible treats, and plenty of dancing and laughter.

the oscars

Want to up your events planning game, and pay tribute to the most glamorous night in the Hollywood calendar? Then an Oscars-style red carpet affair is the theme for you!

How to make this theme work

Organise a paparazzi crew to take photos of your attendees as they arrive on the red carpet, and deck your venue out with props from classic movies, spotlights, and plenty of vintage charm. You could even set up projectors and show some favourite films during the meal, too. Don’t forget to plan an Oscar-worthy menu of finger foods and vol-au-vents, and give out awards for the best dressed / best dancers at the end of the evening!

the secret garden

Want to treat your guests to an evening of childlike fantasy and wonder, inspired by the tales of Lewis Carroll and other classic writers? The Secret Garden dinner party theme idea is one which revels in the magical, the mystical and the beautiful, and combines elegance, innocence and sophistication in all the right ways.

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How to make this theme work

This theme calls for bringing the beauty of a fantastical garden into your events space. As such, every surface should be bedecked with floral arrangements, secret groves should cover every corner, and ivy should be climbing up every wall.

Candlelight and fairy lights are an absolute must, and bizarre, Victorian-esque costumes are required to bring a timeless charm to the event. Food should be based around a Edwardian high tea theme - gin cocktails, trays piled high with cakes and sandwiches, and elegant finger foods will complete the theme beautifully.

Themed Dinner Parties: Taking Corporate Evenings to the Next Level

With these dinner party theme ideas, you’ll have the chance to truly impress your attendees with your creativity and attention to detail, and give them the chance to be whisked off to another world for the evening.