6 Best Ways to Perfect Product Launch Event Planning

You’ve done the hard work, you’ve perfected your product, and you’ve got a plan of action in place which will see it garner great success. Congratulations - the finish line is finally in sight! Now it’s time for the fun part: to start looking into some product launch event ideas, which will kickstart the next step on your product’s journey, and that’ll give it the best possible exposure among the people who matter the most. 

The chances are, you’ve already got some product launch event ideas in mind, and have a concept regarding how you want your product launch event to go ahead. In a world where exposure increasingly means everything in every conceivable industry, product launches have become more and more important for the success of companies of all shapes and sizes. As such, it’s vastly important to have a product launch plan which fits in with current industry trends, and demonstrates that your company, brand, or product is right on the cutting edge of your field… and what’s more, that shows you know how to throw the kind of event that really gets people buzzing about what’s to come next. 

At Mask, we’ve been to more than our fair share of product launch events over the years, and it’s painfully obvious to us which ones have been carefully planned for maximum impact, and which ones have been hastily thrown together as an afterthought. Today’s public and industry professionals are more demanding than ever before when it comes to launch events, and it’s no longer enough to imagine that your product is going to speak for itself. You need to have a product launch plan in place which gains you the edge over your competitors, gets the public excited about your ideas, and which shows off your company in the best possible light. If that sounds like a big ask, then don’t worry - the team at Mask are here to help, and we’ve noted down a handful of foolproof product launch event ideas which never fail to make the best possible impression.

Get The Venue Right

You can have the best product being launched since the invention of the wheel, and a wide range of fantastic event ideas to get everyone engaged… but if the venue doesn’t match your ambitions and your audience’s expectations, there’s only so far your product launch is going to be able to go in terms of making that impact. 

Getting the right venue is probably the first thing you’re going to need to consider when organising your product launch event. You need somewhere which is going to be a big draw in itself, and which suits the theme of your launch. For example, if your product is a tech-based one, it might seem a bit strange and off-putting to host your launch in a Georgian country house, where 21st century technological advances are going to feel pretty out of place. Instead, opt for a venue which is fully equipped with the latest AV equipment, and which has the kind of vibe which fits with your vision and your audience’s expectations.

Location, too, is equally important. It’s crucial to bear in mind that if your product launch is aimed at a fairly local market, you want your venue to be easily accessible for your guests. If you can find a top venue which has some kind of geographical or thematic connection with your business site, all the better.

empty white venue with projectors

Focus on Themes

The theme of your product launch event should, evidently, have as much in common with the nature of your product as possible. Let’s say you’re releasing a new product for the drinks industry - you could accompany your product launch with wine tasting workshops, a series of lectures or panels on latest trends in the drinks world, or have a signature cocktail as part of your hospitality package. 

The idea behind these thematic extras is to create a more ‘immersive’ experience around your product launch, and to demonstrate that your product doesn’t exist in a vacuum; it’s part of an evolving scene, and should be viewed within a specific context. What’s more, your theme is going to be one of the most impactful aspects of your event, and will provide plenty of social media material for your attendees to spread throughout their networks. Focus on decorations, food and drinks, and maybe even some thematic entertainment, and you should be onto a winner!

Put on a Show

Every event can benefit from some kind of entertainment. Your big day may be focused primarily on the product that you’re launching… but you also want your event to be as fun and enjoyable as possible, with your attendees associating the great time they’ve had with the product they’re discovering for the first time. These bold first impressions really do make a big difference!

How you go about your entertainment option will be partly up to the vibe of the event as a whole, as well as the restrictions imposed by the venue. If your product launch is based around a fun, youthful, and dynamic vibe (and if you have space at your chosen venue), a disco or a live band is always the kind of thing that gets audiences going. Alternatively, you could book a stand-up comedian (especially one willing to give your industry a slight roasting!), which really shows that you’re willing and able to make fun of yourself, and indulge in some light self-deprecation.

One of the simplest ways to bring entertainment to your product launch event is to involve some competitions or contests. Use your event hashtag to initiate some Twitter or Instagram contests, such as a competition for best photo or video of the event… or something a little more creative, like a haiku contest or caption competition! There are loads more simple and effective ideas here - check them out!

microphone is spotlight

Build Up A Pre-Event Buzz

Most of your marketing efforts are naturally going to be going on the product you’re launching. However, you’ll need to save some energy for the marketing of your product launch, too, and building up a decent buzz before your event is key to making it a resounding success. 

There are loads of different ways to develop some interest and excitement in the build up to your product launch. Make sure your event hashtag is circling online for at least a month in advance (if you’re not sure about making effective hashtags, check out this advice from Twitter), and consider setting up blogs and vlogs, sending out newsletters, and topping up the info and sneak peeks on your social media, too. You could even build buzz by giving tempting insights into your swag bags, or holding contests for free tickets to your event as well.

Don’t Forget the Swag Bags

Talking of swag bags, if you want to keep your attendees happy and ensuring that the buzz continues after the event is all wrapped up, you’ll have to make sure your giveaways and freebies really hit all the right spots. 

Swag bags are one of those things which so few events manage to get right. How often have you walked away from an event excited about what you’ll find in your swag bag… only to discover you’ve picked up a few reams of paper, a branded flash drive (seriously, who uses these anymore?), and a branded t-shirt you’ll never wear? Make sure you’re only giving away stuff which people actually want and will use, and which is going to provide that all-important positive connection with your launch.

Consider including things like:

  • Portable phone chargers
  • Branded clips for cables
  • Unique and interesting snacks
  • Vouchers for your online store
  • Quality pens (no more cheap biros, please!)
  • Seasonal items
  • Corkscrews or bottle openers
  • Digital invites to associated events or online events

Now, wouldn’t you be happy with a bag full of goodies like that? If you would be, then the chances are your attendees will feel the same. 

black swagbag with design

Keep the Discussion Going

Remember - just because your event has come to an end, there’s no time to rest on your laurels. If anything, now is the time to really crank things up a gear, and ensure that the conversation about your product launch keeps ticking over, and the excitement continues to build. The day after your event should see you busy on social media, following up on questions and discussions, and spreading your hashtag that little bit further. 

You could also offer special discounts for your event attendees, or push some incentives to buy or promote your product to those who came along (who should have been converted into warm leads or cheerleaders by the amazing event you’ve just hosted). Listen to feedback, gather opinions, and be make sure some top quality photo and video content from your event gets spread all over social media… it’s all going to help your product spread its wings, and fly ever higher.

Product Launch Event Ideas for Greater Success

There you have it - a handful of fun ideas to ensure your product launch goes off without a hitch! With these approaches, a touch of ingenuity, and plenty of hard work and inspiration, your product launch event should be able to do your product justice, and generate a whole lot of excitement around whatever it is you’ve been working on. Who knows where such events could take you?

Here at Mask, we’re always excited to head to product launch events. They tend to be full of hope, optimism, and excitement, and the best events of this kind are brilliant at introducing you to products and ideas you might never have come across otherwise. If you’d like to find out more about how Mask can help your event hit the big time and go off with a bang, get in touch today - we’d love to hear from you!