5 Easy-to-Implement Corporate Event Photography Tips and Tricks

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. But were you aware that when it comes to promotional photography, the right images - taken in a professional, attractive manner - can make a massive difference to your branding, your site, and your social media efforts? Simply by implementing some straightforward event photography tips, you can boost brand engagement, impress your followers, and come across as the slick and professional events company that you are.

Event photography isn’t always easy, especially if your background is in event management and not professional photography! However, by using some top event photography tips supplied by the experts, you too can ensure that your corporate event pictures really look the business. Here at Mask, we’ve seen the world of event photography change completely over the past decade.

Thanks to the massive rise in quality of smartphone cameras, pretty much anybody can take top-notch photos straight off the cuff - you no longer necessarily need the professional gear you once did (although few would argue that for truly stunning results, having the right equipment and expertise can be key). We’ve gathered together what we feel are the best corporate event photography tips, and we reckon that by taking our advice, you will really start seeing a difference.

This isn’t some frivolous or superficial point. Consumers and potential clients (in the events business more than others) expect businesses to have a keen visual eye, and implementing top tips for event photography can really help you gain the edge over your competitors. Check out our tried-and-tested advice below, and start gaining that striking visual impact you and your clients deserve!

Event Photography Tips

to Bear in Mind

Consider Etiquette and Best Practices

One of the first things we’d encourage keeping in mind is that event photography isn’t all about you. No doubt you are there with your camera in order to capture the most exciting and dynamic moments… but make sure you aren’t getting in the way of your attendees’ fun, or blocking the natural dynamics and vibe of your event by doing so.

Some event types have fairly strict rules governing when, where, and how you can take your photos and snap those key moments for your uses. Others require you to rely on your instincts, and for you to zip in and out of the crowd in an un-obstructive fashion.

You certainly don’t want to be in the way of your guests’ view of what’s going on, and you don’t want to end up with a collection of photos of surly-faced and irritated attendees, annoyed at the fact they’re being asked to pose for endless pictures! Use your common sense, be polite and courteous at all times, and stay calm - those key moments will come and go in a natural, organic way, and your job is to be an observer and documenter of the fun.

This is the key to the best action shots, and it’s something you should by no means forget as your event progresses.

Utilise Creative Angles

If you want your photos to really pop, then using creative and unusual angles and perspectives is key. The problem with many events is that a lot of the time, people are simply sat down around a table, or seated in rows listening to a speaker or watching a presentation. By basically taking photos of the scene in front of you, you can easily end up with a whole bunch of rather boring and uninspiring photos, or shots which are hard to distinguish between. Time to get creative!

utilize creative angles - event photography tips

If you take your cues from wedding photographers, you can end up with some really interesting and dynamic images. Shots from between the petals of flower arrangements, for example, or shots which show an ‘attendee’s eye view’ from behind allow you to throw some creativity into the mix.

One of the great things about digital photography is that you can experiment all you like - some of your shots will work, some won’t. But you don’t have to worry about wasting film, and you can really have some fun with your angles and the types of shots you’re trying to get.


Don’t be Scared of Posed Pictures

It’s all very well getting those natural photos which show your event for what it really is, but too much of the same thing can be a little dull. There’s nothing wrong with asking individual attendees or small groups to pose for a handful of pictures - it can be a great way of adding some variety to the mix, and showing the characters and personalities who have come along to your event.

Just make sure you keep your etiquette in check, don’t interrupt other people’s fun (or if you do, make it as brief as possible), and assure your attendees that it’s all in the spirit of enjoyment and capturing those magical moments. 

team having fun - event photography tips

Use Natural Lighting As Much As You Can

Ask any professional event photographer, and they’ll tell you that one of the best event photography tips they can give you is to avoid using your flash whenever possible. Why? Because flash photography immediately makes the viewer think that they are viewing a picture, and not a moment captured from real life. 

Natural lighting allows the movement of the image to maintain itself in the image, and gives the viewer the sense that they are looking at something ‘real’. Obviously, there are times when flash photography cannot comfortably be avoided. If you need to take photos of people with your flash, make sure they you are shooting them slightly from one side - face-on flash photographs result in red-eye, and less flattering images.

Use More Abstracted Shots for your Marketing

This is an interesting event photography tip, and one which has helped many event planners and marketers make the most of their pictures. While shooting your event, make sure you get a good mix of photos of attendees enjoying themselves, alongside images which are less focused on individuals, and more abstracted and general. It’s all too tempting to create a series of portraits, but when you’re flicking through your photos for marketing purposes, you ideally need something different.

Festival Event Party with Blurred Background - event photography tips

Photos of people in marketing images can be distracting, or send out the wrong message. Try to capture some scenes of the event in full swing, and even consider adding a slight blur or time delay to your photos - this will capture the natural movement and dynamism of your event, and lead to photos which are perfect for your marketing campaigns further down the line.

Corporate Event Photography Tips for Greater Photo Success

We know that it can be difficult for event managers and marketers to get the best shots of their happenings, especially if you’re not particularly handy with a camera. Thankfully, decent cameras and high quality smartphone apps nowadays make the art of photography easier and more accessible than ever, meaning almost anybody can end up with some winning shots that can make a big impact.

Still not confident of your abilities? Speak to your venue about recommending a top photographer capable of ensuring amazing pictures for all your needs - sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry!

At Mask, we know better than anybody that small details like event photography really can make all the difference. Over the years, we’ve mastered the fine art of event marketing and have seen our tips, tricks, and pieces of advice used to wondrous effect… and there’s no reason why you too couldn’t benefit from our expertise and skills. Want to find out more? We’d love to hear from you today to further discuss what we can do for you.