5 Corporate Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

It’s that time of year again: the days are growing shorter, there’s a chill in the air… and before we know it Christmas will be on our doorstep. However, all too often, Christmas parties and events follow the same old routine, and this is something which hasn’t gone unnoticed by the majority of attendees. The same decorations get dusted off, the same menus get printed off, and a bit of the magic and sparkle that Christmas should be imbued with has begun to fade. This year, though, things are going to be different. This year, it’s time to think outside the box, and bring some new corporate Christmas party entertainment ideas to the table.

Portrait of happy business people chatting while celebrating Christmas in office

After all, don’t your attendees deserve the extra effort? Christmas party entertainment should be exactly that: entertaining. This is the ideal opportunity to go the extra mile and show your colleagues, employees, company partners and business associates some gratitude for their hard work and input throughout the year.

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Sounds like something you’d wish for from Santa Claus? Then read on, and discover some corporate Christmas party entertainment ideas that shine as brightly as the star on top of your office Christmas tree.

The Christmas Masquerade Ball

Christmas party entertainment is at its best when it’s decadent. If you agree, then a festive Masquerade Ball is a Christmas party idea you and your guests are going to completely fall in love with.

Encourage all of your attendees to dress in their finest clothes - dinner jackets and ball gowns are a must, here - and try to get everyone to get in touch with their inner Venetian, and get their hands on a beautiful bejewelled mask. Set up your events space with gold and velvet decorations, and go wild with candles and chandeliers. Of course, no ball would be complete without dancing, so ensure you’ve got a nice open space to be used as a ballroom floor, and hire a band who can rock the venue!

Game idea: ‘Would I Lie To You?’

This is a simple yet highly entertaining game based on truth and lies. Get each of your guests to prepare a short presentation about themselves, involving three individual anecdotes. Two of these stories should be totally true, and one must be a lie… it’s the job of the other guests to ask questions, and speculate on which story is untrue!

A Global Winter Festival

The mid-winter solstice is an important time of year for cultures worldwide, and different countries and religions celebrate this season in their own unique ways. Why not set up a Christmas party which is inclusive of these different festivities, and can introduce your attendees to some traditions they might not have come across before?

You could set up different stations around your events space reflecting these individual cultural winter celebrations. Diwali, Hannukah, Christmas… even Celtic solstice celebrations could be represented with a range of foods, decorations, music and activities (making candles and clay lamps for Diwali is always a fun activity to enjoy).

Game idea: The Winter Poetry Slam

You could encourage your guests to take some of the new facts they’ve learned about winter festivals around the world, and attempt to write a poem, song, or limerick that includes some of this information. Take it seriously or keep it light-hearted, it’s up to you! A small prize could be awarded to the best or most original performance!

The Icy Extravaganza

This is a corporate Christmas party entertainment idea which really goes all out when it comes to magic and sparkle, and involves turning your events space into a genuine winter wonderland. Transform your venue into a Nordic snow-scape, complete with glittering fairy lights, ice-blue decorations, ice sculptures and plenty of fake snow, and watch your attendees faces light up in wonder as they step into your snow-queen kingdom!

This theme gives you a chance to really show off your event management muscles, and there are so many brilliant options to plump for. Try involving an ‘ice bar’ - a Scandinavian concept which sees frozen vodka poured into glasses carved from chunks of ice, or for those who like things a little warmer, you can’t go far wrong with spiced hot chocolate fountains and mulled wine. Serve smorrebrod - Scandinavian open sandwiches topped with smoked fish and caviar - and ice creams, elaborated iced cakes and other sweet treats.

Game idea: Christmas decoration workshop

Everybody loves decorating their Christmas trees when December rolls around, so why not arrange for your attendees to get involved in some festive Christmas party entertainment which involves them engaging their creative juices? Decorating baubles, creating paper snowflakes and chains is something everybody can get into, and they’ll have something beautiful to take home at the end of the event, too.

Chisel and ice sculpture blue - christmas party entertainment

Santa’s Workshop

We all dreamed of visiting Santa’s Lapland workshop as children - why not allow your attendees to let loose their inner child, and arrange a fantastically festive Christmas party for them to enjoy?

For this Christmas party entertainment idea, bright colours and a warm, fuzzy glow is the order of the day. Decorate every surface with Christmas decorations and candy canes, and set up an ‘elf workshop’ in one corner of the events space where your guests can learn to make traditional toys, or learn to play traditional Christmas games. As for catering, you can’t go wrong with a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, finished off with a classic flaming Christmas pudding and mince pies! End the evening with carols by candlelight, and there won’t be a single person leaving without a big grin on their face.

Game idea: Classic Party Game

Any classic children’s party game will add to this Christmas party entertainment idea, but stick with those which will bring back happy memories.

Christmas Jumper Day

We’ve all got one: an ugly, lumpy, garish Christmas jumper we’ve either bought as an ironic joke, or which has genuinely been bought for us in earnest by some well-meaning aunt. As Christmas entertainment ideas go, the ‘ugly Christmas jumper celebration’ is one which celebrates the tongue-in-cheek irony and humour that corporate Christmas events so often could benefit from.

Insist on all of your guests and attendees turning up to your event in their worst Christmas jumpers, and get them to embrace the silliness and un-self conscious aspect of this time of year. It’s a great ice-breaker, and sure to bring out plenty of smiles and anecdotes as the evening progresses! Decorate your event space in bright colours and play plenty of cheesy music - a school disco vibe suits this event very well indeed!

Game idea: ‘Who Am I?’

This fun activity is based on 20 questions, and involves each guest sticking a piece of paper to their head featuring the name of a celebrity, a famous place… or even a member of the company! They have to ask direct ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions, and try to figure out who they ‘are’.

Boost morale with our Christmas Party Entertainment ideas

A great Christmas party is the perfect way to show your appreciation to your team, your partners and your associates, and with a bit of creativity, you can really make it a night to remember. It’s ideal for bringing colleagues and team members together, giving them a chance to let their hair down, and as such, it’s the ideal morale booster.

We’re experts in bringing a real sense of magic to corporate Christmas events. If you’d like to find out more about how we can provide that sense of wonder, don’t hesitate to get in touch!