5 Christmas Party Theme Ideas You’ve Never Thought Of

Christmas is almost upon us and the corporate Christmas party season, with its massive range of Christmas party theme ideas, is almost over, but that doesn’t stop anyone from planning ahead for next year. It goes without saying that every Christmas party should be better than the previous.

The fascinating thing for us when it comes to Christmas parties is this: everyone enjoys a festive knees-up in the holiday season, and many people look forward to these events throughout the entire year.

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So why, then, are so many of these parties so undeniably dull and boring?

Every year, the same tired clichés get wheeled out...

It’s a crying shame, and one which can so easily be rectified with an injection of creativity, dedication, and genuine enthusiasm and fun.

A top-notch party can even be useful in setting up the New Year in the best possible light, increasing your social media presence, and helping to develop the reputation of your company as a whole. Check out our ideas for brilliant Christmas parties below!

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A Dickensian Christmas

The Victorian vibe of this theme offers plenty of scope for creativity, and your company members and business associates will adore this all-encompassing theme which is pretty much as festive as it gets. Just be sure not to invite the ghosts…


Modern Christmas fare is heavily influenced by Victorian food fashion, so as long as you keep things traditional and hearty, you can’t go far wrong. Roasted meats and vegetables (extra points if you bring in the biggest goose in the butcher’s window, as requested by a reformed Ebeneezer Scrooge) are essential, as is warm, spiced mulled wine or fruit juice.


Create a truly timeless and evocative mood with soft lighting and candlelight, and as many Victorian fittings as possible. Traditional holly wreaths, Christmas trees and rustic, authentic, handmade decorations should be absolutely everywhere. Check out these ideas for some inspiration.


You can’t have a Dickensian Christmas party without some live music. You could take your cue from Oliver Twist, and have a proper cockney knees-up band playing, or base your party’s entertainment on Great Expectations or Bleak House, and have a string quartet providing a more sophisticated mood.

Classic Hollywood Christmas

During the Christmas holidays, we love sitting down and enjoying some classic silver screen moments on our televisions. Christmas party themes which inject some of that old-time glamour are going to be a sure-fire hit.


Classic American holiday food is the order of the day here: roast turkey and all the trimmings, followed by some seriously over-the-top desserts such as chocolate fountains, towering pavlovas and vast cakes are going to hit all the high notes. Don’t forget to hire an old fashioned cocktail maker, who can mix all your classic favourites - including these classics.


Accentuate the notion of Hollywood glamour at your corporate Christmas party by including a red carpet and a photo booth, and insist on a dress code that reflects the 50’s theme of the evening. One fantastic idea would be to put projector screens around the room, and show some black and white favourites in different parts of your venue.


As well as the movies being projected on the walls, this party is going to need some music. Get a sultry jazz band in to provide some dancing tunes, or seek out a band that specialises in covering movie soundtracks and show tunes. The night will be swinging!

Santa Claus wearing sunglasses dancing outdoors at North Pole in snowfall. He is celebrating Christmas after hard work

Fiesta Time!

Help your employees, attendees and business partners forget about the cold weather, and whisk them off to a Mexican fiesta for your Christmas party theme.


Mexican cuisine is beloved by all, and covers a massive range of delicious flavours and ingredients. Offer sizzling fajitas, chilli con carne, big nacho bowls and some authentic Mexican street food too (street food stalls are definitely en vogue this year). Don’t forget to stock plenty of Margaritas, too!


Bright colours, carnival costumes and a generally raucous fiesta vibe will be necessary to get this party going. You could bring in some cacti or carnival-style float decorations, too.


No Mexican-themed Christmas party would be complete without a Mariachi band serenading your guests! You can also bring in some piñatas for employees to swing at.

The Masquerade Ball

This is an ever-popular theme, which never fails brings a touch of decadence and antiquated luxury to your Christmas party.


Luxurious, rich and extravagant foods are a must here. Fondues are always popular and fun, and you’ll be looking for dishes which provide impressive and grand centrepieces for your table. Serve plenty of quality red wine, as well as mountains of beautiful fruits, chocolates and other such delights.


Luxurious purples, reds and blacks will be necessary for this Christmas party theme idea. Flickering candles, velvet drapes, and a large ballroom floor will complete the look… just remember to remind everyone to dress their best, and remember to bring their masks!


What would a ball be without ballroom dancing? Get a string quartet to play some baroque music, and then follow this with a full-blown disco to keep things going until the early hours!

The Ice Queen’s Ball

Take your cue from Hans Christian-Anderson’s classic Christmas story for this theme for a Christmas party. Utterly enchanting and evocative, it’s going to melt even the most cynical of hearts!


Scandinavian food is very much in fashion this year, and this Christmas party theme idea is the perfect excuse to experiment. Bring in platters of smorrebrod - Danish open sandwiches - topped with smoked salmon and other such delights, and follow this by fish dishes, meatballs, and anything else inspired by the frozen north. Here are some great ideas.


Icy blues and whites should fill your events space, and you should go to town with the fake snow machine. Cover the walls in pale blue skeins of fabric, get an ice sculpture or two if you can, and have everything coated in sparkling white glitter to capture that frosty effect.


This Christmas party theme idea is a perfect setting for a frozen disco, but before that kicks off, there’s plenty of scope for some other entertainment options, too. Remember - your event is supposed to be in a magical royal court, so fill it with jugglers and jesters (or magicians and comedians), and your guests will no doubt be spellbound.

Never again will Christmas parties have to be dull, predictable affairs - we’ve given you some amazing, creative and out-of-the-box ideas to really get everyone in the Christmas spirit!

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