5 Christmas Party Ideas Your Employees Will Love!

At this time of year, office managers and business owners across the country are scratching their heads, trying hard to think of Christmas party ideas for their team. It’s a big responsibility - after all, there are few better ways of showing your staff your appreciation for their hard work and ensuring that morale is kept high, than by throwing a good old festive shindig.

Despite the fact we all know that fun Christmas party ideas can make a massive difference (and can guarantee happy smiles throughout the office for weeks to come), too many company are sticking with the same boring formula, year after year.

Lackluster discos, repetitive quiz nights, open bars with nothing discernibly Christmassy… that’s no way to bring your team together for such a special occasion! Your event deserves some real pizzazz and imagination, something that’ll have your employees’ eyes lighting up in delight.

Let’s take a look at some out-of-the-box ideas for Christmas parties, and ensure your winter event is as magical as it deserves to be.

1. Christmas Movie Marathon

You know what we really love about winter? All the fantastic Christmas films that come out at the cinema, and which feature on our TV screens at this time of year. 

Watching tried-and-tested classics such as Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life bring back the happiest of childhood memories, whereas modern and future favourites like Elf, Bad Santa and Love Actually have us rolling with laughter and clutching our tissues in equal measure. See more ideas for brilliant seasonal movies here.

If you want to make your Movie Marathon Christmas party idea a huge success, you’ll have to do a little more than wheel out a TV into your event space and load up a DVD or two. Invest in some high-quality bean bags and cushions, and scatter them around for your staff to laze about on while watching.

Get a projector and a big screen, and replicate that cinema experience with a popcorn machine and plenty of other snacks. Don’t forget to make it Christmassy, though - a decorated tree, some fake snow and plenty of sparkle is going to make all the difference!

Game Idea: 

If you need to liven up your movie marathon, why not set up a game of Christmas Movie Bingo? Create your own range of bingo cards featuring keywords from the film, or things they might see in the movie, and have a small prize for the winners.

2. Festive Murder Mystery

Want to bring some macabre fun into your Christmas party idea? Then why not organise a festive murder mystery night? This can be a brilliant - albeit somewhat unusual - way of bringing your team together, and letting them reveal and revel in a different side of their personalities!

Murder mystery parties work by assigning each member of your team a role which they’ll have to slip into and keep up throughout the game. Someone has been killed… and one of your employees is the killer! It’s your job - and the job of your team - to act as sleuths to oust the criminal, who’ll be doing their best to drop red herrings and evade suspicion.

murder mystery christmas party ideas

Up the drama and fun by providing plenty of props and costumes for the characters, and give it an Agatha Christie-style 1920s vibe with some classic cocktails and chamber music, too - it’ll be great!

You can see some scripts and ideas for this murderously fun Christmas party idea here.

3. Nightmare Before Christmas

Anyone who grew up in the 1990s will have fond memories of watching Jack Skellington and his misfit friends in Tim Burton’s classic movie, A Nightmare Before Christmas. If you like bringing a touch of gothic fantasy to your events, then this animated film provides the perfect inspiration for a spooky festive party like no other!

Combining Christmas with Halloween is a great way to show off your creative talents, and is sure to encourage your staff members to truly let their hair down and have a lot of fun. This Christmas party idea requires plenty of decoration - you’ll need lots of black velvet thrown over the furnishings, some skeleton props dressed up in Santa hats, and pumpkins covered in tinsel (we’re sure you’re getting the gist!). Candles and sugar skulls are a must, as is a traditional Christmas feast with plenty of mulled wine!

Activity idea: Why not organise a Christmas karaoke session to get this party swinging? You can choose songs from the movie itself, as well as a range of Halloween tunes and Christmas classics for your team to belt out after they’ve had a drink or two!

4. Santa’s Chocolate Factory

What would Christmas be without a few sweets and candies? We all love to indulge our senses at this time of year, and that’s precisely why turning your events space into a Willy Wonka-esque Christmas chocolate factory is sure to make a massive impact on your staff! It’s a chance to really flex your imaginative muscles, and go all-out with decorations, activities and team-building exercises… that is, if you can pull them away from the mountains of sweet treats you’ll be providing!

Santa Claus talking to reindeer

Make sure that every possible surface is covered with candy canes, cupcakes, pyramids of chocolate truffles and other delicious tidbits to nibble on throughout the evening. A great way of making this fun Christmas party idea really take off is by having different stations throughout your space, offering different activities for your employees to get involved in. Why not have a cocktail mixing class based around chocolate and old-fashioned sweets? Or a cupcake or gingerbread decorating bench, where your staff members can try their hand at making some beautiful edible goodies to take home?

5. A Very Aussie Christmas Party

Are you and your staff members a little bit sick of the cold, dreary weather at this time of year? If so, imagine the look on their faces when they step into your events space, and find themselves transported to the southern hemisphere in the height of summer, where Christmas parties take place on the sandy beaches under the blazing sunshine?

Aussie Christmas party ideas are a brilliant way to allow your team to escape from the cold, grim reality of December a little bit, and have a night to remember partying like they’re on the other side of the world.

Make this fun Christmas party idea really swing by decorating your space as a fake sandy beach, with plenty of heaters blasting out the warmth! Get some jungle props, plenty of stuffed animals, some Australian outback outfits and - of course - a grill or barbeque serving up some fantastic fresh seafood!

Activity idea: 

Why not set up a fun photo booth at this event, where your guests can pose as crocodile wranglers or surfer dudes against a variety of backdrops? You could even set up an indoor surf competition with a mechanical surfboard to add to the beach theme! 

Keep Spirits High With Great Christmas Party Ideas

All of these Christmas party ideas are sure to boost morale and inspire good feelings as you move into the new year. They’re perfect for encouraging team cohesion, improving teamworking skills and getting your staff to get to know each other a little better.

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They’re the industry leaders for amazing corporate and office christmas events, and are sure to have everything you need for an amazing night.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article, and that it’s given you some top new ideas. As always, we’d love to hear about your favourite Christmas party themes and events.