10 Table Settings to Amaze Your Guests

We’re always looking for new ways to wow our guests and one of our favourite tricks is to blow them away with breath-taking table settings. We’ve put together ten of the looks we’re loving at the moment…

Moss Covered Tables

If you loved the idea of the moss table runner, then why not take it that step further and cover your entire tables in artificial moss? It’s perfect for a range of events, especially those outdoor summer events; this takes the popular rustic theming to the next level. When using moss to cover your entire table, it is crucial to accompany it with a stunning table centre – usually the best kind of table centres to use in this case is one which matches the rustic theming, for instance a small tree or an unusual arrangement of flowers. In addition to this, include candles and a variety of glassware on the table to give it that extra touch of sophistication.



Hanging Flowers

Achieve the ultimate WOW factor by presenting a flower display which isn’t located on the actual table itself but instead above the tables! This type of flower display creates a magical display and setting which almost imitates a forbidden forest – giving your guests an experience they’ll never forget. Using a hanging flower arrangement also means that there isn’t a lot of room taken up by the various decorative table objects, allowing guests to feel even more comfortable when seated.


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Another way to give your event the WOW factor is by using beautiful oversized centrepieces, such as large bouquets of flowers or a small sized blossom tree placed. These centrepieces are both unusual and extravagant to display and despite their large sizes, they don’t take up a lot of room on the tables, so your guests can still sit comfortably. To create an even more magnificent tablescapes, include a mixture flower styles which vary in styles and sizes – this will make the larger centrepiece not look so unusual and bare on the table.



Edible Decor

Edible center pieces are perfect for providing an interesting and unique setting for any table, but they are also very convenient to include during the guests dining experience. By using centre piece’s such as hampers, means that you don’t need to keep your guests waiting for a stater – fill these hampers with sharing food such as crisps, jars of jam, bread and more to keep your guests occupied straight away until their main dishes are served. Once the hampers/starters have been finished, it is then time for the main meal and therefore the second centrepiece. The main course could be a meat joint for carving and a row of steamy vegetables. Lastly, dessert could be brought out and displayed on a cheese board or a afternoon tea stand.


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Keep It Simple

Whilst many opt for extravagant table settings to amaze their guests, one of the best ways to actually do this is by taking a more simplistic approach. In this case less is certainly more – this option allows guests to take in and enjoy the entire venue and enjoy the company of others, without being distracted with a chaotic table. This also means there is nothing in people’s sight lines across the table which would potentially interfere with their conversations with others.

Moss Table Runners

For those who are searching for more natural looking decorations to display during a special occasion or event, there is nothing more perfect than a moss table runner. These can be bought with additional flowers or other decorative objectives already incorporated into the moss, or additionally these can be bought plain with no added extras. By buying a plain moss table runner, this gives you the opportunity to be creative and personalise your table to perfectly fit your event and theme. Whether you decide to add a splash of colour or lay candles across the moss table runner, it is guaranteed to grab your guests attention and provide a perfect rustic decorative addition.



Lace Table Runners

If you’re not particularly creative and you’d prefer to opt for an easy table design which requires minimal effort, then a lace table runner may be perfect for you. This is such a simple and effective decoration which can transform your entire table from bland to glamorous. A top tip when selecting a lace table runner is to buy one which is long enough that it covers your tables and drapes down to the floor, this gives it an even more beautiful appearance.To finish off this tablescape, place a selection of flowers which fit in with your colour scheme and spread them across the lace table runner.



Not The Norm

Why not step outside of the box when choosing your table décor and opt for something completely different to the norm. Instead of opting for clean white plates and silver cutlery, why not go for a darker colours and golden cutlery? This turn of events will have your guests amazed at how unusually stunning the two look together. This can be done with whatever colours you wish to use and can be incorporated to perfectly fit in with your colour scheme.

Hanging Candles

If flowers aren’t your preferred choice of decoration, then hanging candles may be more suited for you. Hanging candles create a peaceful environment, making it the perfect type of décor to use for those smaller and more intimate events which look for a touch of romance.



White Table Settings

A very modern and current trend around at the moment is to display an all-white table setting. In order for this to be successful, everything must be clean and white, from the centrepieces to the chairs. This table setting is the perfect way to display elegance and sophistication during whatever type of event you’re throwing. A top tip to remember when doing this table setting is to have a think about what food you’ll be serving to your guests – it’s probably best to stay away from the tomato soup starter!



If you’re looking to blow your guests away, be sure to get in touch with us and we’ll create the perfect event, just for you.